onsdag 15 maj 2013

Irmelin on Germany tour

Irmelin diary, May 2013

Three concerts in three very different venues.
First concert was a big hall, Altes Elwerk in Greifswald. Chamber music feeling, a wonderful audience giving us the most heartful response.
Second concert in an out door venue on the country side, Venne Früling Folk Festival. Beautiful small, families, young people, rain and sunshine in mix, and a super nice sound. Thank you sound engineer, and thank you lovely audience!
Third concert in a club in Berlin. In the nice area of Prentzlauerberg, full of small and hidden pearls of culture everywhere. Great night out in Berlin. Met lovely people in both audience and the local arrangers, promoters of vocal music and excellent artists, Mattias and Tania. 

Greifswald, Nordischer Klang.
Sun + dark sky, I like!

Walking in town, first night.

Fish with green fish-bone are a lovely tasting fish. Dinner on a boat in the canal.

Hotel Galerie. I can recommend this place. Nice paintings in my room. The chinese lucky cookie had a good line saying:

Sometimes, travelling to new places can bring great transformation.

On the road towards Osnabrück and the small village Venne.

Us having the best spot in sunshine on Venne Früling Folk Festival.
Outside the café where I expected Aragorn sit in a corner. Instead I saw 4 Gandalf walking around on the festival area.....

Astrid's garden. A truly inspiring place to retreat after concert. Frogs singing in the pond.

Last day in Berlin. Haus der Sinne.
Tango, lindy, blues dance on some evenings, and now, vocal evening with choirs and Irmelin!

Back stage in the dark cellar.....
What can be more Berlin than a club like this.....

German audience, what a wonderful tour we've had meeting you all great people! Hope to see you soon again!