torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Things I didn't think would happen

Today I was asked to be a computer support. Concerning a PC-question! Both of this is surprising to me. I've never felt like some kind of a computer person. From the start I was more of a mac user, because all the musicians in my connections were already using mac. Now I have to dig deeper into the world of PC because that's the environment on my new job as a youth leader in the church.

So that's another thing I didn't think would happen.
I have a regular job. That's revolutionary for me, since I've always been a free lance musician and that's all I know how to do. A regular job with a steady income, that's a whole new culture. I do this on part time, 50%. Maybe I run the music 100% like before, so it's a bit of a puzzle with time.... The appointment is to do this youthleader job for 6 month. After that I don't know but probably it will be music business as usual.

The youth leader job is organized by the church. Regular swedish church. I didn't think I would get a job there either. I don't have the required education. But maybe I have the heart on the right place. I would never ever feel confortable with some sort of conservative religious congregation. But in this case I have found the best place to be. This particular congregation of Hjällbo is open minded, focused on social equality and human rights, inter-religous events now and then. I'm so proud to be part of the future.

I see us all connected. Today I set myslef to understand more of the prayer "All My Relations". I googled, found a little bit on Wiki, and it's also a hash-tag on twitter. I follow blogs and twitter where I see the use of the phrase "All My Relations" as a greeting.

Like this, answering on a blog post:

"All my Relations! Aaron, thank you for speaking the truth in such a beautiful way! Michelle Morning Star Doherty"

To be connected to the whole universe, earth, humanity and everything living upon it. All my relatives.

Here's a clip from youtube, you can listen to the prayer and have it explained.

Tonight at the youth meeting we are discussing the topic of togetherness, community, sense of belonging. That's also a way of celebrating United Nations Day.


söndag 20 oktober 2013

MUKO Sweden festival and a day of love

Irmelin did a great day yesterday, taking part in the first ever festival of MUKO Sweden. Music Collective (=MUKO) manifested ourselves for the first time.
Irmelin pictures

With a 8 band long festival including  childrens concert and whole night long row of music at Storan, Göteborg. 6 bands from our own power house of MUKO and two international acts. I especially enjoyed listening to Mikael Godee and Eve Beuvens quartet (Sweden and Belgium) and Jaron Freeman Fox and the Opposite of Everything (Canada). Sparkling energy. Deep and sensitive. Fun!

Mikael Godée & Eve Beuvens Quartet

All the other bands are super interesting too, but because Irmelin performed so much ourselves I couldn't hear everything I wanted to.

Irmelin sang in the opening ceremony of the festival, and immediately after we had to run to next gig. My friend Thomas married Cecilia and Irmelin provided with love songs and bridal march. A truly enlighted moment was to call out with our voices only in herding calls over the fields where the bride and groom walked up to their friends and family who had gathered to celebrate with them.

Yes, a long day of love indeed.

Music in all directions. Love for what we believe in.

Irmelin headed back to Göteborg and Storan Theater to get up on stage there a second time in the MUKO festival. We were carried of the support from among others the members of my choirs who came to listen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I'm happy to say we also made a statement from stage yesterday, in support and solidarity with all who stand up for mother earth and protect her from big company greed, mining companies. In solidarity with Gallok in Jokkmokk, Sweden, as well as anti-fracking movement in Canada and elsewhere. Our thoughts goes to the situation in New Brunswick in Canada where military made a crack down on unarmed peaceful protesters and shoot rubber bullets and teargas. Snipers aiming at singing and praying elders, women, children. Peaceful protesters, you have all the love and support that the corporations envy and fear so much. Your songs, drums, dances and prayers are more powerful than bullets. Put your boots on the ground, stand up for future clean nature to our children and their children.

Today I could think of resting a bit......and dream of all the goodies from yesterday.

torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Autumn gold #snyggtmedute

My dogwalks, my prime time.

This is where I breathe fully deep.
My inspiration.
In spiration.


Put your boots on the ground

Susane of the Mi'kmaq Warrior Society.

She's young, smart, and warrior. "The corporate monsters envy us of what we have, we have all the love and support that we can gather and we need more, "

"Join us and put your boots on the ground, flood their mailboxes."

It can be Gallok in Sweden or Turtle Island in Canada and many other places, but let's speak out and never be silent around what's happening with the earth. In the end, we can't drink polluted water or eat stones.

Let's speak out against corporation greed and colonialisation.

With this I will go out today and work with Irmelin music and take part in a action day in Sweden.

My peaceful protest. Together with about 400.000 swedish coffé drinkers we'll high light fair trade today. A step in the right direction.


söndag 13 oktober 2013

Myst making music

We play together.
We talk.
We share.
We feel pretty sure about this even if it's changing all the time.
Still we feel confident.

Today we talked a lot about tuning of instruments. How they did before the tempered scale and how that affects the whole thing.

We did some new songs and explored ideas in opposite directions. The naive and simple. Or the groovy complex. One thing is not excluding the other.
There is space and freedom.


Root notes.

What do you hear, and what do I hear? Is your root note another compared to mine?

It works.

We talked about where in the music the micro tones appear. In the voice and in the instrument there are micro tones in certain places where it creates emotions when they happen. "Only a digital mind can have micro tones on every place in the scale", as Ahmad described it.

lördag 12 oktober 2013

Irmelin work days in Stockholm, beautiful city

Stockholm one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

This week I had some lovely days in Stockholm together with Karin and Maria, my Irmelin sisters.

Photos are from August when I visited Stockholm for other singing reasons. To take part in a voice-yoga-course.

On the roof top.

If I could be a bird.


tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Irmelin creative days

Spider web with water drops.

Autumn beauty.

In the material world we are here.
But where we are in the wholeness, it's more difficult to tell.

This and next week Irmelin is working on new songs. Music and poetry by us.

Sometimes even collectively made by the three of us in Irmelin.

Among other things that inspire me is simplicity. That a painter can paint just a few lines and create art with simplicity. I'm not there yet. But it makes me curious, and it lights my fire.

Time to prepare for tomorrow and get some rest.

torsdag 3 oktober 2013

First nations ban pipeline, Canada

Very similar to the mining situation in Gallok, Sweden. Corporations come in to exploit and then leave the local people with destroyed home and nature.

We have a right to say no!

The people have the final say.

How can we be inspired by Chief Na'moks speach?


tisdag 1 oktober 2013

Tuesday is choir day, lucky day

Tuesday is the day I conduct my choir, and this brings out lots of things.

Freedom of voice and body.
Happiness to share the singing with others, sing together.
Challenge to learn something new.