söndag 13 oktober 2013

Myst making music

We play together.
We talk.
We share.
We feel pretty sure about this even if it's changing all the time.
Still we feel confident.

Today we talked a lot about tuning of instruments. How they did before the tempered scale and how that affects the whole thing.

We did some new songs and explored ideas in opposite directions. The naive and simple. Or the groovy complex. One thing is not excluding the other.
There is space and freedom.


Root notes.

What do you hear, and what do I hear? Is your root note another compared to mine?

It works.

We talked about where in the music the micro tones appear. In the voice and in the instrument there are micro tones in certain places where it creates emotions when they happen. "Only a digital mind can have micro tones on every place in the scale", as Ahmad described it.

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