lördag 24 maj 2014

Leave to remain. Movie at the local cinema today.

Leave to remain.

Director Bruce Goodison

This is a movie about a group of young people coming on their own to England, each one of them leaving hell behind. Trying to cope, to find a new life, find friends and a sence of family and belonging. The fear is everywhere, but there is also laughter and life. The scenes of how the dance lift them away from their dark memories for some moments are some of my favourite scenes in the film.
Another strong scene is when 15 year old Abdul, played by Zarrien Masieh, get lost in his memories of his home and get lost in the mountains when they all are out for a hike. He is highly traumatized by the violence he has witnessed and the only help he gets is coming from the young friends around him, youth who likewise carry their own heavy stuff.

" Based on real-life stories, Leave to Remain is a coming of age drama that depicts a world hidden from view. Featuring a soundtrack by the award winning band Alt-J, this provocative debut feature from BAFTA winner Bruce Goodison, introduces an ensemble cast of emerging talent, young refugees and acclaimed actor, Toby Jones."

Great story, great acting by the youth in leading roles. I will always remember this film. Also knowing that young people like the ones in the film is right here where I live, right among us, some of them going to the local gymnasium school.

The film today was choosen by a youthgroup in Angered, and my youthgroup in Hjällbo was invited to the show. It's looks promising that we might establish more contact and see if we can have a bigger youth-film-club here. What a dream! Yes, I'm in!
Lets see and talk movie.


fredag 16 maj 2014

Irmelin goes Finland

Irmelin loves Finland!
We are in Vaasa right now together with hundreds and hundreds of other singers. It's the Vaasa choir Festival. Super nicely organized by the festival crew, many thanks, kiitos kiitos! Your dedication for the vocal music is so uplifting and empowering. Lovely to walk in the center of town and hear choir music in every corner.

Yesterday evening we made a concert at Ritz, a theater-like hall, it's a cinema with totally beautiful original atmospher. Interiors from the time it was built. A special thank you to all who came to listen with so big ears and big hearts. Kiitos to all of you. We allways love to share the stories from the sea, from the travellers, of love, of death, of joy again after the sorrow.

It's always a great pleasure to sing in a hall like this, with good light and sound and a setting that enhance focus and energy for the details in our voices and music.

I wonder if they sometimes dance lindy hop, balboa or boogie woogie here? This is just outside the big cinema hall.

We had a lovely dinner at il Banco, a house built on 1860 for a bank in those days. Today a culinary rich place to go, my dinner was ecellent.

Maria Misgeld at the doors of il Banco.
Today we perform again at Ritz and this time it's a shared concert with the choir Philomela. I'm very much looking forward to sing there. We had super nice sound!

Vaasa train station.
To travel with Karin and Maria, it's my best place to be. Song sisters, you rule!


söndag 11 maj 2014

To enter another world

The road is leading into new adventures.
Sometimes we open the door and walk into another world. The unknown.
May the journey begin.
May we walk with light steps.
May we meet at the end of the day and share our stories from near and far,
from journeys inwards and outwards.

Baloo Antique

Wreckage from the ocean of time....

....beauty in decay....

......rubbles from the past......


torsdag 1 maj 2014

Folkvocal powerhouse

This is the power of doing things together.
Creativity in a circle of friends and collegues at its best.
Today is the day we gave ourselves deadline to deliver the songs. Happy birthday our baby!

It's been intensifying work to refine and ellaborate our song-ideas. Let each song grow into its shape and personality. As soon as I open my computer to work with recording my stuff I can see the activity is stirring in our dropbox. New files adding, other filer updating.

We've choosen some photos to add to the full picture of what we want to say with our songs. Maria has put it all together in a document with songs, music & lyrics, texts on scenic matters and small choreography things, photos and other stuff for inspiration. It all looks so exciting now when the full picture takes form into reality.

Soon and very soon it's time to share our work in the full ensemble.
May the songs bloom in your hands, dear fellow singers, song sisters, songstresses of the north, amazing ladies! Maria Misgeld, Susanne Rosenberg, Karin Ericsson Back, Lisa lestander, Maja Ericsson, Sofia Sandén, Marie Axelsson and me. See you soon!
Concert will be on 18th of June in Stockholm.