lördag 20 augusti 2011

Sailing out this year: part 2. Space, openess, wide nature, horizon

wide nature

Och inte vill jag sörja, men sörjer ändå,
han kommer väl igen om ett år eller två.
När liljorna de blomstra på marken,
när dagen faller på,
men det dagas inte än,
men det dagas likväl under tiden.

A seamans wife's song that is like a poetic teaching in mindfulness. It says that:

I don't want to grieve, but I do.
He will return in a year or two.
When lilies flower on the ground,
when the day comes,
but the day is not coming yet,
but still every day, time starts over again.

To me it's talking about how days follow days, creates weeks and month. Life goes on here and now and at the same time there's the longing for someone far away. Time turns its wheel. A wheel represents something eternal. The deepest things in us are timeless, eternal values.

Nu står jag på min resa och skall fara
Gud vet när jag kommer igen.
Farväl alla vänner så rara,
farväl min utvaldaste vän.
Nog är det mycket svårt
när vänner skiljas åt,
men det kaninge människa hjälpa,
denna tiden den går ju så fort.

Now I'm bound away, will travel,
God knows when I will return.
Fare well my friends so dear,
fare well my chosen beloved one.
It is very hard
when friends must part,
but no one can help,
and time will flow swift.

Yesterday I sang a concert at the Boat Museum of Galtabäck, just a little south of Varberg. With me played the clarinettist Pers Nils Johansson, also playing two row accordeon.

A beautiful open country, and lots of wind from the sea. There was a typical smell of drying, rottening sea plats lying where the sea meets land.
The boat above is a model of a boat from the 1200 century. Pieces of such a boat was found in a farmers field here in Galtabäck. Below some of the boat houses.


August in my heart

Couldn't have a better start of August than what I had this year :-)
Mist and light.
The suburb is wakening up.
New day is here, a new time.

Yesterday we had the winds coming from Africa, creating a beautiful summers day in Göteborg. I'm going to wear something from South Africa today, to celebrate with my friend Jen who has a marvellous August-party today in Dala-Floda. Love to you Jen!

And today thunders and lightenings, short after this pic below was taken. Amazing sun this morning!

Saturday at home. Ordinary things to do. I love it!
When I organize clothes in the wardrobes it makes me feel so happy to see the hangers I found on flee markets and second hand. Favourite clothes is so much better when they hang on a nice hanger. Who is Arvid, the one who got this hanger long time ago?

August is for parties. Today is easygoing, and a cosy afternoon-party with the best friends in the neighbourhood. I don't know a better month for seeing friends, either daytime or in late night parties, to go dancing the whole night long. I had to recover my Windjam-flu but now I'm soon ready to have some good swinging and rocking again.

Monday dance, yes!


Sailing out this year: part 1

Seems like this year of 2011 turn to be a year with a boat theme. I try to summon up all inspiration for tomorrows concert at Galtabäck boat museum, and it's huge this time. I've recieved so much connected to boat trips I can fill endless of concerts with the music I feel inside. Irmelin started in January this year to sing sea shanties, preparing for both live concerts and recordings. North Sea Stories. Keep watch for that!

And tomorrow it's time to do a completely new concerts with Pers Nils Johansson with sea shanties, and it's not the same repertoire as Irmelin do. There are incredibly many beautiful songs from the sea. Some songs tell about heroic seamen who has to endure storms and thunder, even die for the sake. Some are about love, and longing for your sweetheart who is far away.

Now this summer, it's boats wherever I go. Here's where it all begun, in June.

Ahoy everybody, sing out loud and sail along!

fredag 19 augusti 2011

my workdesk today

I'm preparing for Sunday concert at Galtabäck Boat Museum. Performance is at 3 o clock in the afternoon with Pers Nils Johansson on clarinett and two row accordeon, a great musician I've just started to work with. We will focus on sea shanties and seamens ballads. Most songs origin from the west coast of Sweden. You are of course most welcome to enjoy this August-sunday with us, on the musical journey on the sea.

My inspiration to sing the sea shanties has been accompanied today of rain and more rain outside my window. And the song lyrics are now hand printed with my favourite pen in my favourite book, a moleskin note book. The book and pen has the most special story to it, well connected to boats and water, and the secrets of human hearts, deep as the ocean.

Det hände sig en aftonstund,
uti den lunden gröna.
Där sjöng den lilla näktergal,
där växte blommor sköna.
Jag satt och tänkte på min vän,
att skriva några ord till den,
det skulle nöje vara.

Workday is over, and it's film-time tonight. Monster Inc. it will be, in the company of my dear daughter.
I wish you all a lovely evening.


torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Pedagognätverket/Pedagogues Network

Nu är det skolstartstider, och så även för Kulturskolan/Musikskolan. Jag är coordinator för Pedagognätverket folk- och världsmusik, folk- och världsdans, en mötesplats för lärare som på ett eller annat sätt jobbar i detta fält, heltid eller deltid. Nätverket stöds av Riksförbundet för Folkmusik och Dans samt Eric Sahlström Institutet. En till två gånger per år ordnar jag nätverksträff, och det finns också ett forum på nätet: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=197685239327

Schools start up everywhere around us now, so also the culture schools/ music schools. I'm coordinating Pedagogues network folk- and worldmusic, folk- and worlddance, a meetingpoint for teachers who in one way or another work in this field of music and dance, full time or part time. This network is supported by Swedish Folk Music and Dance Association and Eric Sahlström Institute. The network has one or two meetings a year and a forum on internet found on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=197685239327

Syftet med nätverket är att stärka positionerna för alla pedagoger som arbetar i vårt fält, för att säkra tillgången av musik och dans för barn, unga, vuxna, att de kan utöva själva. Nätverket styr själv vilken inriktning vi ska samverka i. Vår förra träff fokuserade på yngre åldrar, 6-10 år. Ewa Johansson Kristeberg och Magnus Pettersson ledde workshop och delade med sig av sina unika erfarenheter kring barns musikaliska utveckling och kreativitet.

This network aims to strengthen all pedagogues working in our field, to ensure that children, youth and grown ups can enjoy dancing, singing and playing themselves. The network itself decides upon what questions the network should work with. Our previous meeting was about working with younger agegroups, 6-10 years old children. Ewa Johansson Kristeberg and Magnus Pettersson held this workshop and shared with us their unique skills with childrens music development and creativity.

Nästa möte kommer att hållas i Tobo utanför Uppsala 10-11 november, och vårt fokus kommer då att vara pedagogiska material, vad som finns och vad som skulle behövas för att möta moderna behov i musikutbildning.

Our next meeting is held in Tobo outside Uppsala on the 10-11 of November, and our focus then will be to look at what new books and music collections are needed to meet the needs of music educations in modern days.

Vill du haka på? Varmt välkommen, det är kostnadsfritt och det är bara att kontakta Anna Kronlund på RFoD eller Sonia Sahlström på Eric Sahlström Institutet eller mig direkt. Alla typer av anställningsformer och egenföretagande, på hel- eller deltid är välkomna.

You want to jump on the train? You are most welcome, and it's free. Contact Anna Kronlund at RFoD or Sonia Sahlström at Eric Sahlström Instituet, or me directly. All kind of employments or business, full time or part time are welcome.

Eva Rune

måndag 15 augusti 2011

Going home from Windjammers Ball

Thank you Sofia Enros and Daniel Johansson and all in your crew. Fantastic!
Imagine how much happiness that is spread around now when we all go back home to our home towns, filled with all these happy memories from dancing on ship Pommern, great dance classes, awesome dance parties. Yesterday dance jam was like a fire work exploding.
So today is the day of transition, getting from holiday mood into first day of work after vacation. And I love it. I've been longing to get started again, in all my projects I have up and running. Isn't that a priviledge? Dancing might cause tired legs, but ideas flood. Dancing is a good stress relief, and a good mindfulness keeper. (You can't actually focus of something else but dancing when you dance, and it's very much a bodywisdom-thing, not only brain as in many other activities) So this week will for sure contain lots of inspiration. Irmelin rehersal plus concert next weekend with Pers Nils Johansson. Here we go!


söndag 14 augusti 2011

Fasten seatbelts, last day of Windjammers Ball

Good morning to the new bright day, amazing I woke up before the alarmclock...it happens sometimes after a real late dance night.

Entrance to dance party area:

Today there will be classes and after that the final Tea-dance. I hope I will still have strong legs, because yesterday everything speeded up, and most probably I'm not the only one with sore legs today. And now it's the last days and it's just to give it all, so fasten seatbelts!

Sofia and Daniel are the main organizers of the whole Windjammer event, and they are the most caring and passionate people, who has started the lindy hop on Åland only one year ago. Yesterday at the dance night there was a big Thank you and they were called up on stage. We were all very moved and they also, tears on cheeks, and the whole big dance crowd clapped hands like mad. Because Windjammers Ball is such an amazing event, so throughly worked in every piece. Perfectly done to be the first year up and running. Thank you Sofia and Daniel and all people who is/has been in the crew. Now, Sofia and Daniel lived in Göteborg up til recently, so we göteborgers are of course a bit extra proud.
Sofia and Daniel under cover.....Friday ceremony on ship Pommern, we were welcomed by the king and queen of the sea.

So next year, we keep our fingers crossed that there will be a new Windjammers Ball.... so everybody, come on board!
More dance-greetings from Eva

lördag 13 augusti 2011

Yes! Sunshine and more dance

Sunshine on the ship yesterday, and Yes! Sunshine today too. We started this morning with auditions for the advanced levels of courses and I got into the advanced class. I'm so happy!
Yesterday opening ceremony at ship Pommern. It's a ship, not a boat, I've learned.

Today classes:

And Ålands club for VW had a nice summer meeting in the park. Fancy midsummer decoration behind the cars too.

Tonight will be more party!
I'll dance as long as my legs let me do it.

fredag 12 augusti 2011

Windjammer Pommern

Today it has been more and more hellos to dancers from all over Sweden. Some sightseeing around Mariehamn as well, and it's a nice and sunny day. Svarta Katten, café at Norragatan 15 in Mariehamn. Home made bread, nice sandwich for lunch.This boat is where we will be during the opening ceremony for Windjammers Ball today.

Harbour of Mariehamn. View from the watertower.

Tip top, lindy hop!

torsdag 11 augusti 2011

Energy boost weekend of Windjammers Ball

Strawberries in Rättvik. Remember to see the small beauties in every day.
Small is big.
Every day is my favourite.

There's gonna be lots of dance this weekend. So that's for sure promising. There are about 200 people who signed up for Windjammers Ball on Åland, and then there's the crew and the voluonteers. Lindy hop mostly, but also Balboa, I've heard. Good friends and good dancers from Göteborg are with me now on the train up to Stockholm, and then we take the ferry.


Let's dance!

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Upstart after summers peak, and swingout to Åland

Dear all readers here on the blogg. It's time to start create new blog-entries after this maxi-galactic summer that is still all around. For a change I'll write in english. During summer I've spend less time at the computer, wich is good to do sometimes. And my holidays has been so good, so much holydays. I have refilled my batteries and have lots of new ideas to explore and put into motion and reality.

My summer was full of music and tours, and still more concerts to do. Maybe I didn't have so much time in advertising, and that I would like to do better next time. Musicaly everything has been flowing and so rich, in meetings with the most generous and welcoming crowds/audience, and the improvisational dialogue between us musicians on stage. An ongoing dialogue in many directions that reaches deep as the ocean sometimes.

Now, August is my favourite month of the year :-) I've celebrated I'm one year older, and for sure, this time so much has happened along the road that makes my heart sing. Can't believe how much has happened in only one year. Happenings, happiness...new roads to walk.

Windjammers Ball, here we come!
This upcoming weekend it's time to have a crazy lindy hop party weekend. Windjammers Ball will take place in Mariehamn, Åland. For the first time this year, and hopefully for many years to come. We will dance on boats, so we're told to not bring our best leathersole danceshoes, there might be sticky pitch on the deck of the boat. I'll be packing tonight, some older danceshoes, and flowers for my hair will do.

More dance earlier this summer.
Jitterbuggar, both known as crazy dancers like me, and cookies, wich I had the pleasure to enjoy at Nyfiken ecological café in Rättvik. Yes, the people in the kitchen are also into lindy hop and we danced a few swing outs in the bakery. I like!

At home again.
On the savannah of Storås:

What beauties, the horses and cows, and sometimes wild deer we see here. August in it's lovely light, a little darker than the other summer month, but so much like a tale by Tove Jansson. Have you heard the news, there's some good rocking tonight!
Warmest august-greetings.