lördag 30 juni 2012

Soon off to Herräng!

Soon, very soon, we're off to Herräng. I will not post bloggs frequently from now but totally disappear into the world of dance. My time will for the next week be from midnight til morning. Happily my daugther got a spot at the swing kids course this week, she's so much looking forward to this! Swing kids are like a camp of it's own and I will not be needed there daytime as a parent.

So at daytime I will sleep, hang out on the Herräng beach, meditate about summer and let my subconsious work on preparations for the concert with Bengt Hallberg wich is coming closer. Yes, I've brought my song book to keep the lyrics close at heart, for this special occasion.

It will be Leo's first Herräng, our little dog. He's a young one and I have good hope he will charm people around us. He's learning so quickly, like youngsters, and he will fall into the rythm. If you have any experiences you would like to share about how to camp in tent with a dog, I'm eager to hear!

Stay well everybody! Let the summer take over, and nothing can stop the international openminded crazy creative Herräng spirit!


torsdag 28 juni 2012

A song, and hello Herräng dance euphoria

Summer joy and natures beauty....

We've been walking the old paths in the forest, seeing the tall pines, the lingon berry in full bloom. 
It's the peak of the summer. I need to go into the forest where no more traffic from the roads can be heard.

Just silence.

In the garden there's the old type of flowers that my grand mother used to have:

Yesterday evening I experimented a bit with my new camera/recorder. Here's an odd version of Kristallen den fina. I just found the original lyrics, older version.

...soon it's time to shift, we're off to dance in Herräng like crazy! I'll be dancing from midnight til morning the whole night long.

Good bye light summer nights in Dalarna.

Hello city.

Hello Herräng in a few days to come.

tisdag 26 juni 2012


Today has been a day for new songs. Walking and singing, seeing the flowers of the forest and in the garden. Tiger lilies, linneas and unknown beauties.

In the morning I gave myself a word for the day: everything I do today, I will do it in exactly the right time - without stress.

Like the turtle Cassiopeja walks with Momo through the rushing city, in the book Momo by Michael Ende.

Do you have a favourite way of returning to kairos time, time when you fully experience life, with no stress, the moment of now?

The work I've done today, I did it with joy. Cleaning the house a bit, also with joy. No stress, just letting each moment be, like in mindfulness and the idea of being focused. Experiencing life fully.
After lunch I took a long walk with the dog. He's so happy when he can run free in the forest!
The old path to the mountian farm where cattle was taken in early summer:

Stone bridge for the cattle while "buffring" on the summer path:

I've seen many stones today, maybe this one the biggest of them?

And I wrote a paper letter to a dear friend, an old friend who I know would have enjoyed the forest so much this day.


söndag 24 juni 2012

Kieslowski memories

Excuse me, is your name Marie Veronique?

A man asked me in the train. If my name is Marie Veronique. His voice asked in a soft and polite way, giving a slight impression that he felt uncomfortable to ask me.

Things like this can start my fantasy. What would have been if I had a french double name? How would that have formed me? What comes with a name? How much do we build up in expectations when hearing a name?

Who could this Marie Veronique be, the woman he must have thought of when he saw me? What was their history together? Long lost friends? The man must have been maybe 10-15 years older than me. What was their relation?

Are we twin-like, this woman Marie Veronique and I?

Could it be like the mesmerizing movie La doble vie de Veronique, by Kieslowski? I've seen that film a couple of times and I'm still fascinated by the whole story. And of course, the great soundtrack and the choir music. It's a story about two young women who are born at the same day in different countries, and they don't know each other. But they have a feeling of a presence of another twin somewhere, a secret twin.

Have you had a feeling of a presence?

The man who asked me went to by coffee or something in the dining-car, and we never saw eachother on the train again.

fredag 22 juni 2012

Hommage to a black back pack.

Some time ago, when Rosenbergs 7 was touring all over, I bought myself a black back pack, a ryggsäck. Made of thick fabric, with a hidden pocket where the straps could be hidden during flights. Of the brand Naturkompaniet. This was in the 1900-hundreds, well, it could have been around 1995. Now, some 17 years later, this black back pack is still serving me, as a long time companion and best friend. Zippers are original, I have only made one repair where a seem has given up. My friend is here in the photo to the left:

How many places have you and I seen together? You are a great globetrotter, my dear back pack. On ALL my tours you have been my favourite bag. Sometimes far away to South Africa, USA, all over Europe. You have followed me all over Sweden too, and our neighbour countries in the north.

I have started to wonder now if I should give you some holiday. I think you deserve that. Sit and dream of all the travels we made, and not carry too heavy luggage. We'll see, on some special occasions you and I will still travel together, I'm sure.

You are the type of stuff I like so much. Made in such long life quality that I can give you to next generation. Care and repair is always good. When I think of how the ground crew on airports treat bags, then I think it must be some magic with this bag, how well preserved you still are after many flights each year.

A couple of times you went missing after transfers with delay. Every time you kept coming back. I never worried too much, I knew we will meet again.

I went to the store where I bought you, Naturkompaniet. Unfortunately they don't have back packs of the brand Naturkompaniet anymore. I planned to go find you a partner, you see? Yesterday I ran into a bag just by chance when I was shopping in Falun. I was at Cykel and Fjäll to buy some spare parts to bikes, and on the floor there was one bag in the colour of Falu red paint, the last one of its type. A bag made for expeditions to Himalaya I should say, in really thick fabric and really well made zippers. Yes! Suitable for a touring musician.

Shopping in Falun has been wonderful! Not to speak about yesterday too, for the first time in many years I was shopping together with my sister! My best buy was a black dress for Irmelin concerts, plus equipment for my new ZOOM. If you are shopping in Falun and looking for some vintage clothes, go visit Myrornas. Oh heaven, so many dresses! This is the summer when I started to dress like Hemulen, one of the caracters in Tove Jansson stories. Oh, he's one of a kind, academic interests of botanical collections, of sports, and he's not a friend of the hattifnatts. He's always dressed in a dress.

I can agree.

You are always dressed in a dress.


tisdag 19 juni 2012

Just before midsummer

Tonight I think I will not go to bed until after midnight, just to see and be in this moment of the brightest time of the year.

I want to feel it.

In my dreams at night I sing.


söndag 17 juni 2012

Summer's lightest. Herding calls and songs.

We've enjoyed two days of singing courses, I've had great students both days. I enjoy this so much I will mark in my calendar for next year. Course weekend in Övertänger, one week before midsummer.

John Bauer forest.

It's very light in the nights.

Tiger lilies and forest flowers are still in buds. Our garden is something in between a garden and wilderness. There's so much still to bloom later on.

I take a deep breath and just let myself be in this moment.


torsdag 14 juni 2012

Sjung i Övertänger

Vi kom igår. Allt började med ett häftig hagel och åskväder, och vi var strömlösa ett tag. Men allt är vackert här i Tängerdalen, dramatiskt väder med regnbåge och mörka moln, det är en fin start!
Idag har jag blåst kohorn samt organiserat kring den trasiga spisen, som nu är hel igen med nytt väggurtag.

Förutom några lediga dagar så ska det bli viskurs och kulningskurs här, så jag har en hel del sång att se fram emot. Det finns någon enstaka plats kvar om det är någon som skulle vilja haka på. Kurserna är öppna för alla. Ring mig om anmälan och vägbeskrivning, nu har jag sporadisk internet-tillgång. 0705-515755.

Vi segla ut på livets hav - nordiska kärleksvisor

Lördag 16 juni

Kl 10-15

Kärleksvisor finns i många olika varianter. Roliga, vackra, ljusa, djupa, humoristiska - användbara till både fest och vardag. Några svängiga, några stillsamma visor. Några talar om ett långt liv tillsammans, andra är del av barnvise- skatten. Gehörsutlärning i första hand, men alla får del av repertoaren på not som hjälp för minnet.

Kursens innehåll baserar sig på min långa research av nordiska bröllopssånger och lyckliga kärleksvisor. Under de senaste 17 åren har jag rest i Sverige, Finland, Norge och på Färöarna i jakten efter dessa gamla sånger. I september kommer samlingen att ges ut i bokform, av Bo Ejeby förlag.

Kostnad: 400 kr, kontant på plats.

Medtag: inspelningsutrustning. Lunch matsäck.

Vad hör väl sommaren mera till än lockrop, kulning, vallvisor, fäbodarnas urgamla musik?


Söndag 17 juni

Tid: kl 10-15, totalt 4 timmars kurs ( en timmes lunchpaus).
Plats: Övertänger 387
Kostnad 400 kr

Anmälan görs via mail till Eva Rune, info@evarune.se
Max antal deltagare är 10 personer per gång.

Medtag egen lunch som vi äter ute i skogen vid fint väder.

Kursen innehåller både kulning och vallvisor. Det är positivt att växla mellan de två olika sätten att använda rösten, i rop och i vanlig sång. Varje år brukar jag blanda med viss del vallmusik från Enviken, och viss del repertoar som är ny jämfört med föregående års kurstillfälle. I kursen utforskar vi röstens olika möjligheter och individuella lägen när vi använder den till rop. Inga förkunskaper krävs, bara nyfikenhet och lust att prova på. Jag vill anpassa varje kurs efter den kunskapsnivå som den befintliga gruppen har, så vi ska försöka jobba så att både nybörjare och fortsättare kan få vad de behöver.

Och så har vi bästa Handlarn, öppet varje dag i veckan. Ofta ser vi snygga bilar på parkeringen....
Måndag-fredag 9.30-18
lunchstängt 12.30-14

Lördag 9-16
Söndag 15-17

Varma hälsningar,
Eva Rune

onsdag 13 juni 2012

Summer adventure starts

Summer adventure just started! Yesterday school finished with celebration. Like in my childhood the school children marched in to fiddle tune Äppelbo gånglåt (Marsch from Äppelbo) and there's nothing like it! The fine sound of kids playing fiddle with slim fine sound they get from the fiddles, mostly in tune, sometimes a little shade of colour when it's a little bit out of tune, child style. I love it!

The classes had their own home made flags in many many colours.

A young girl and boy presented the speachers and the performers. A row of children performed their own created songs, dances, and one girl played Euphoria on a nose flute. Amazing! So beautiful, so much confidence, they did very well all the children. I'm filled with Joy that my daughter is studying at a school where the children get the chance to grow through their own creativity and are allowed to explore their own choices of style.

At the very end of this ceremony the school principal gave a summer-speach, mostly about enjoying each moment and the small wonders in every day. Wishing everybody a wonderful summer time. I wish so too, knowing that summer holidays are for some children not at all the happiest time in the year. Don't hesitate to reach out your hand if one of our smallest brothers and sisters needs an extra hand one day.

Here's the flutist performing so well:

After the big ceremony my daughters class had a get together on our own in the classroom. A new tradition has just begun, strawberry cake party with all the kids and their families. We provided with this cake, all home made:

Today we set out for our summer adventure. Luxury, our friend Micke came by to drive us to the train station, how nice! First thing we saw on the train is the articles about Enviken rock n roll culture, the geographical "belt of rockabilly". And a small notice about Herräng Dance Camp!

Travelling with our dog goes excellent! He make new friends everywhere.

In Hälleforsnäs we had to shortly take the bus instead of train, something was supermuch wrong with the track and the train couldn't continue due to safety reasons. Ok, first time for us to step out at Hällefors. We are now reading the book "The hundred year old who stepped out of the window" and some parts of the book take placein Hälleforsnäs. Beautiful little village, sunny warm day, we are not suffering too much from the delayed train so far.

Summer has started!

söndag 10 juni 2012

By the lake

The third and last photo session for the songbook was made yesterday. By the lake Delsjön close to Göteborg we set up our little camp base, being proactive against rain. No rain fell at all wich was lucky, and we got good clouds with a small sun beams now and then. Perfect light conditions!

And the team, oh how I love them. Janne photographer, Gabriella, graphic designer, and Eva, stylist. Because they all share so much of their care, love, laughter and good connection with people. It made us all prepared to give everything, and the models of the day created magic infront of the camera. Thank you our lovely models, Erik, Andreas, Lena and Håkan.

Eva is fixing the kravatt again, and again, and again..... Andreas and Erik our models in the morning-session.

Coffé in the forest is always great. Breakfast actually.

Janne our photographer.

Eva is styling Lena for the afternoon session.

Gabriella is fixing Lena's hair flower. The theme has been paper flowers the whole way through.

Preparations always take the most time.
Then when it was action in front of the camera we could witness a rare thing. Can you imagine something more beautiful than Håkan and Lena who got married years ago, now standing surrounded by water and forest, holding hands and talking secretly by themselves about their long life together. We couldn't hear, just see the most magic and caring touch between two souls, two hearts so twined together. I'm honuored to be present in this moment.

Our models have been so brave in all our 6 photos. We placed the models into scenery and staged the situation. Still they gave us all the magic, personality and connection that will shine through the photo's in the book.

I will not show anything here on the blogg that looks a bit alike the photo's Janne made. That will have to stay as a secret and be a surprice when the book is released.


tisdag 5 juni 2012

Songs of love, love of songs. Photo session 1 and 2

I heard on Finnish radio program about Suzuki's thoughts about how children grow and learn. They are like flowers, and they cannot be forced to grow and learn quicker because grown ups want that. We cannot determine if the flower will be red or blue, we can only support their growing and see how they unfold into what they are meant to be. We can support them to go their own way. We can in some times give them something to lean on, and then the support will one day not be needed anymore. But all the time, through all phases, they need light, water and nourishing.

The book we are working on is growing in it's own time. It has indeed been a process of 17 years, and I'm happy I didn't force anything.
The past weekend was the first photo session, for two whole days with the full crew. Photographer Jan Mellqvist, stylist Eva Petrén, graphic designer Gabriella Persson. Models has been this weekend Anni Skoglund and Gasper Hrovat, Rebecca Järdmo, Vera Åström Rune and myself.

It has been intense, very beautiful, fun and laughter, tears of joy when Anni and Gasper danced so beautiful, strong coffé, focused work, a pure joy to see the team giving everything! Afterwards everybody was quite exhausted.

I'm blessed to have so good people around me in this book-creation.