torsdag 29 mars 2012

Dreaming of summer and songs: Dalaliv

On a summer evening, leaving my house for starting a tour.
The lake where I get inspiration.

I'm glad to be in the Dalaliv-blog, where Åsa Pellas writes about creative people from and in Dalarna.
I was born and raised in Falun, and it's forever written in my heart: the hills and mountains of Dalarna, it's music and people, the miners heritage in Falun, the beautiful villages on the countryside.

I'm living in Göteborg, but I will forever have one foot in Dalarna, and this is my joy. To have the city life of Göteborg rushing around me, and to have the nature of Övertänger in Dalarna and to visit my family in Falun.

With love,

måndag 26 mars 2012

Passion of the north

Sunday concert at a retro looking Folkets Hus in Munkedal. Nordic Wedding Music made a concert in the lovely hall, great dance floor, good acoustics.
I love to sing all theese love songs full of passion and great stories, and now we have songs from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Faroe Islands.

Next to our poster I found Jack Baymoore. He's a great rock singer. Nice!

First vitsippa for me this year, found outside my dear friend Gunnar Erikssons home in Ljungskile.

My fellow musicians Mikael Godée, sopran saxophone, and Mats Eriksson, guitar. Great jazz musicians both, I feel like I'm flying with music when I stand between them in the performance.

Spring light coming in throug winter shady windows. Somehow I find it beautiful too.

Lots of love!

torsdag 22 mars 2012

The most beautiful room so far

Änggårdsbacken concert with Hannu Kella. Entrance to Hedlund Sal where we made the first concert today.
Sunlight huge windows, space and acoustics for music flow.
Painting by Sven Jonsson, 1956.

A cup of coffe in between gigs, here at Torp Café.

Time to recharge batteries. Tomorrow is our final day on this two weeks tour. I'm going to miss all theese meetings with so special people, it's an honour to give music to our eldest.


onsdag 21 mars 2012

Du är för söt, onge!

Yesterday after concert nr 1 I had such a sweet feedback from the woman on the front row. She had been listening carefully through the whole concert, moving her hands with the rythm of the songs.
She came to us afterwards and said with a warm smile: "Du är för söt, onge! Ta vara på varje dag! Snart är du lika gammal som jag. (You are too cute, kid! Take good care of every day that is given to you. Soon you will be old like me.)
They are angels with their messages to us.

Along the road while passing in the car we've seen some great names on small restaurants. This might only make sense to swedish-speaking people...

Gatuköket Gyllene Korven
Pizza Ferrari (wich was definitely one of the small, rough looking pizzerias)
Li Jiu Kinamat

Sunny greetings from me and our little sun-worshipping dog Leo:

I love dresses, it's spring!

For some days I've been looking for a outfit to wear for the Folk- and Worldmusic Gala in Malmö in the end of this month. So many dresses I love! Couldn't make up my mind, I had to sleep and dream. But today I went out of the shop Evergreen on Redbergsplatsen with a lovely vintage dress from the 70th. I will not reveal what it looks like, but I'll gladly show some inspirational pics from Evergreen shop.

Spring flower tussilago this morning.
The first I see this year. Welcome spring!


måndag 19 mars 2012

I'm walking with light steps

In the sunshine.
Leo behind me on the sofa.

This makes me happy.
At the second concert today we arrived a little early. While I was preparing myself for singing I noticed two turtle doves sitting on the veranda in the white spring sunshine. He was kissing her hand in gentleman manners. They were both 80++, I'm not really sure, and it doesn't matter. A peaceful moment tete-a-tete. As they sat there for a while my curiosity took over so I approached and asked gently if they had lived a long life together? No, we just met here, answered the woman. We talked for a little while that life is giving so much unexpectantly and I told them they have light up my day and I will always remember them for spreading so much shine around them.
Ivar and Inga-lill.

fredag 16 mars 2012

Gigs and dogs

This week has been full of really great adventures! We've just bought a dog, that's something that will take time to fully grow in to. So sweet little dog, and he's already taken part in his first concert.
Because this week Hannu Kella and I are full time working with concerts at senior homes. A lovely work, we travel all over Göteborg, east, west, south, north around the city. So many great audience we've had! I'm very thankful that I can do this type of job.

Now when we've done our program 2-3 times each day, it's really nice to start work with some new music! Oh, the reason Hannu and I do the same concert for one week is that it's such a nice program, I really love to perform this, no doubt about that. One more week to go, just need to recharge the batteries over the weekend.

On the 2nd of April I'm doing a concert in Ljungs church with gitarrist Mats Eriksson, and church organist Georg Keczan.
Spring time in the air....well, maybe today we had the fog carpet over Göteborg, but soon....soon there will be more sunshine again!
Why not admire the moon and the planets that are visible at the moment.

And here's little Leo. Our new member in this household. Warmest welcome, Leo!

söndag 4 mars 2012

Vasalopp-TV and springtime in town

It's strange, I haven't trained or prepared much to watch sports-tv, I'm quite a beginner with that, but when it comes to Vasaloppet I get unknown strength with maraton watching tv. This morning watching Vasaloppet for 5 hours on internet live-stream, in a cosy sofa with my love. Can't be better. The picture is just in the start at Berga in Sälen, 15800 skiers have 90 kilometers to go, classical style skiing. Every year I want to see Vasaloppet from the beginning to the end. On top of that, breakfast with blue berry soup, good coffé and croissant that my love went out to buy on this early Sunday morning. I brought the real deal Ekströms blueberry soup from home.

The sweet town of Wintherthur.

Caritas, a second hand shop with charity purpose. And an excellent selection of beautiful clothes, nice accesoires. I bought butterfly earrings.

Just enjoying colours and struktures, street art and old buildings. Sun shine and shadows.

The whole city is out enjoying the warmth.

In the afternoon we went to Open Playground with the Swing Scouts. Lindy hop!
Winterthur, Switzerland. Spring weekend 2012.