torsdag 31 januari 2013

Yippie GIFF Yippie!

Göteborg Film Festival, GIFF

GIFF is a highlight in wintertime for me. Something to look forward to every year. I love to go to a couple a movies and have a "window" to places elsewhere, situations and lifestyles I couldn't imagine before. And I love to catch a glimpse of the daily life ordinary heroes. To me they are the true heroes.

Today I could have my fill of that,  to get a little glimpse of what it is to be in an emergency unit in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. How do they cope? How do they get through the day? What do they feel sitting in that ambulance on bumpy roads, in traffic jam? They are working way behind the clock as the cases pile up and the inter com system has broken down.

The three main caracters, playing themselves in this documentary movie, are nurse Mila Mikhailova, driver Plamen Slavkov, and doctor Krassimir "Krassi" Yordanov.
I give this movie high scores! It's taking me right in there, in the middle of their story, like if I was a fly on the wall in the front seat in that ambulance.

Sofia's last ambulance (2012, Bulgaria)

"In a city where 13 ambulances struggle to serve 2 million people, Krassi, Mila and Plamen are our unlikely heroes: chain-smoking, filled with humour, relentlessly saving lives against all odds. Yet, the strain of a broken system is taking a human toll: how long can they keep fixing society's injured until they lose their empathy? Written by Betina Ip  "

Yesterday I saw Smokin' Fish (2011, Alaska).

Smokin' Fish movie is full of scenery, mountains, lakes, rivers, beauty of nature. Very good soundtrack to all the goodies for my eye. But most of all, a very good story. A documentary about Cory Mann, a Tlingit Nation member, who grew up with his aunts and grand mother and great grand mother in remote parts of Alaska. Smoking fish in traditional way is the center of the story and out from it I learn quite a lot about the view of life this people have, ancient traditions, ways of living. With lots of humour the different members of the family (so fantastic persons they couldn't be found in a fiction movie) give their story, wich also includes many tragic points of the hardships coming along with european culture invading. Of course I want to learn as much as I can now in the days of Idle No More rising. It breaks my heart to hear how cruel we europeans have treated natives. And like much my heart rejoice when I learn that their lifestyle and culture is rising, and it's now up to western "civilization" to take a seat, listen and learn.


onsdag 30 januari 2013

Learned a lot this week

Here are a few things that stood shining out, right in front of me, like if life have to shout sometimes to my stubborn senses.

* You can guide yourself to not be so shy.

* You can guide yourself to feel more secure about making mistakes. It's not so dangerous to make mistakes.

* Be a lion!

Just by dancing balboa this Sunday I got back home so full of energy, so happy, feeling more relaxed and happy about myself than I have done for a long time. Wow, there has been so much good things accomplished at work, and then it's this increadible community of dancers where I can go and meet friends.

Next day, Monday, was a kind of back lash during daytime. Was told by an unknown worker at Försäkringskassan that it looks like I'm not working full time, my income is so small. But I am! I'll tell you, I work so much I can push everything, several weeks are 7 days work days, not a single day off. Gladly learning year by year how to improve my work, my art, my entrepreneurship. And here's someone that put me in a box and think I have to be like everyone else, comparing apples with oranges (comparing employees to self-employees). It made me quite sad, and mad.

Oh, did I tell you, I made 23 concerts in two weeks? And the same day I spoke with this lady at Försäkringskassan I got three new concerts booked!

Well, Monday evening, again, fly high in joy. Because we danced and sang for Idle No More, joining in for the rights of indigenous people and sustainable living on Earth.

Tuesday new talks with the square people who just don't really understand how I can make it. I don't really think it's so way out. I'm doing fine. It's me and my decisions for my little family to live healthy. No one else can sit in another telephone and understanding my ways. Because it's just my ways and it works for me.

Today I heard from another woman, mother, artist, that I have to be a lion. I have to fight more. Next time I talk with those people who want to compare apples and oranges I can just say thank you that you care for me, but I'm doing fine. Sharpen my claws. Don't take the shit.

My friend the artist told me at the end of the phonecall: Good luck to you with your VERY important work!


måndag 28 januari 2013

My #J28 Day in Göteborg, Sweden

Göteborg on Global Day of Action with Idle No More

I'm happy to meet some more people in town outside Haga Cinema.

Together we united in

We also had burning herbs for purification that one person brought and shared around our circle.

Hugs and warm eyes.
Just drawn together by the spirit of solidarity movement with INM. None of the people there today I had met before. But I'm thankful to see them, and I hope I will see them again.

Read more on and their link to the global day of action.

Time to say thank you for this absolutely brave day!


söndag 27 januari 2013

What a joy to sing to the elders

The last two weeks we did 22 concerts to the elders. Vocal trio Irmelin in Göteborg, what a joy!

It's a fine job, the elders get so happy, they need this input from outside to put colour to the daily life. Many have loss of memory, sit in wheel chairs, can't take part in society like they used to. It's a good thing that the city employ us musicians and make sure they get live music when they can't go to concerts in town anymore.

Our songs come from the north sea, shanties and sea men songs. In the audience we've had a number of people who worked on the sea. Here's the tattoo one former sea captain showed us after concert. He was 16 years old when he started on the sea. The tattoo was made then.

Dotted dresses and red shoes has been our outfit for performance.

Most days lovely winter weather. Frosty trees, minus degrees, blue sky.

Göteborg by night. Many days we kept on working late after doing our concerts. We have to compleete the mixing of our new coming cd and we did the photo session as well.

No wonder that I have been extraordinary tired this weekend, the first free days in looong time.

And what can be more energizing than dancing? Today is balboa boost at the dance club. I'll be there!


fredag 25 januari 2013

Irmelin tour-end in Göteborg

This morning, on the last day of our tour.
Soon time to hit the road and get to the first gig out of two.

This morning from my kitchen window.

My song-sisters Maria and Karin. What a great tour we've had! 22 gigs in two weeks. No wonder we have increased our coffe-level.
Communicating, tour-managing!
Tomorrow will be a lazy day, but first we'll give all we have to the elders, the heroes, the grey panters. To see their smiles, their eyes, it's the greatest reward we can get.


måndag 21 januari 2013

It's time to do things

It's January, it's cold, dark and snowy. Most of us sit indoor in warm places.  Then, I wish to ask you for a moment of your time to read this increadibly inspiring story. And send a thought to these young people doing their big walk in support of Idle No More.
Journey of Nishiyuu, the quest for unity, is a walk with seven young members going 1100 km. Youth in the age of 16-17 years walk in snow between Wapmagoostui and Ottawa! They are walking for life. Determined to follow through. One purpose of their walk is to call for unity among the First Nations people.
Isaak Kawapit, celebrating his 47th birthday today, is an experienced hunter and take part in the walk as guide for the youth. What a birthday to remember!
It's beautiful pictures on their facebookgroup with over 10.000 supporters in this moment I'm writing. I think it will spread world wide and grow.

There are great artists creating posters for Idle no More. All credit to them! Here's an article presenting the movements artist:

Good night! Eva

lördag 19 januari 2013

Luzern concert with Annika Dobler on cello

This morning I stood up early to go to the airport and fly to Switzerland. Great to be here again! For the first time I have seen Luzern today, beautiful city. It's snowy and winter time, and I'm lucky to be here. Tired yes, but it's ok. Annika and I immediately sat down to go through our concert program. The music feels growing, maybe it's getting ripe in the subconsious during the period we didn't play together. Last time we made concert is nearly a year ago.

Welcome to concert: Sousol at 15, Sunday 20th of Jan, in Luzern.

The venue is both a concert venue, and a dance hall for tango and lindy hop. You can guess I feel at home! No photos? My own computer stopped breathe this monday, and I had to leave it with my computer wizard Pär Johansson. Great guy! Yesterday the problem was solved and my computer is alive again. So that's why I'm blogging without photos.

 Good to do a little computer-detox.

Just music in my mind and dresses in my gig-bag.


fredag 18 januari 2013

When music is revolution

Round dance is happening everywhere everyday and it's central to the rising. A round dance revolution! Street corners, shopping malls, big roads, railroads, as well as a surprice in a tv-show. Here's an amazing clip:

Check if there's something you would like to do on global level in support for Idle No More World Day of Action
It's happening on January 28.

Why is this revolution like a magnet on me? I guess parts of the answer is that I find it so powerful when a rising is driven by song, dance, drums, and has a center of peaceful protest. Non-violence in it's finest forms. Yet powerful and like tidal waves, this has grown for so long time and nothing can hold the tide back now. Another aspect I find so encouraging is when it's cross generations, old and young get together. Old and young take a huge interest in being politically active. That's huge! It's hope! Here's some really good talks and writings to give a much better picture than I am able to do. I'm only a mirror trying to give echoe of the fantasic things I hear. The smoke of their fires has travelled all the way to Sweden and I'm jumping of joy when I hear non-violence movement building up so strong. Interview with Chelsea Vowel on radio is found on this interesting blog
Chelsea Vowel's own blog is here:

Open letter to Stephen Harper, written by artist Aaron Paquette:


onsdag 16 januari 2013

Touring day 3

Irmelin with Johannes in Studio Epidemin. Photo by Karin Ericsson Back

Super intense, wonderful, fun being on tour with Karin and Maria to sing for the elders. And when we don't perform we are busy with the final stage of mixing our coming cd. Tomorrow it's time to meet the photographer for the photos of the cd.

Late at night I have some time to read mails, and write. And read latest news of the Idle No More movement. It's the most positive news the fills me with both hope and more fire.

One link for today, something I would really like to share. In the new blog Divided No More you can read what many voices say about the uprising. Here's on back ground traditions and fish-broth-fasting

I believe somehow we can be a global solidarity movement with Idle No More. It's time to stand up for solidarity again, and again, for what we believe in. And that means to do something with our lives so it's not only words. Where we are we can always transform something to better fit in a new world without the old colonial patterns that can be found also in our society.


tisdag 15 januari 2013

Leadership. It's going to be a hot summer.....

Idle No More is the voice of many. Out of many different backgrounds, and that's a reason why there's not a small group of leaders, but a great number of leaders that join in to pull for the cause. Some has been in since the start, like igniting the whole process and put the snowball to move and roll.

Idle No More interesting link on the background and current events.
Womens role in front of Idle No More

Leaders become leaders because they can make things happen for the group, help/lead the group reach the goals.

Leaders are those who deserve the leadership when they have shown ability to serve their communities.

Women are life-givers, men are life-protectors.

And here's a little part of the article that is so inspiring!
“What’s going to keep Idle No More active is this government’s inability to relent to democracy, to actually develop policies that are reflective of Canada and Canada’s values, and not just of the base that put them into office,” he said. “I don’t see Friday’s meeting in any way slowing down Idle No More. We’re entering into mid-winter at this point, and summer’s coming. It’s going to be a hot one.”

I heard in one interview someone said twitter is mostly emotional. Yes, but it's more than that. People post things they feel passionately about, and it's a golden opportunity to listen to many voices, get the diverse picture, and read and share articles. I think it's fabulous! 

Today I'm going to the studio again to work with my fellow singers mixing our new cd. Plus one more concert for the elders today.


söndag 13 januari 2013

Sing with gratitude to our elders

Tomorrow Monday is first day of a big tour, singing for the elders with Irmelin. When they are to old to go to concert, concert come to them. We wish to bring in some colour in their homes, the spirit of a capella singing.

It's not only big time touring, 22 concerts in 10 days. Early in the morning I will go to Studio Epidemin to begin mix the cd we recorded in October. So there's a morning shift to be done before concert. Photo sessions later in the week, sqeezed in between shows.

If there will not be much bloggin this week, you know why :-)

The glimpses I get from the First Nations movement in Canada shows all the time so much respect for the elders. The elders are there to provide advice, to guide, to help out the younger from their great resources of experience. I wish we can learn from them and seek guidance and advice from our elders as well. Same same but different.

Good night!


lördag 12 januari 2013

Singing and dancing for clean water, fresh air, and a real change.

Let's walk together for a brighter future.

Summer rain

Of course it was a big day, yesterday Friday, January 11.
I've been waiting to hear the news from Canada, how the meeting of First Nations leaders, representativs of youth, women, elders from First Nations came together with Prime Minister Harper and some other ministers. Outside the Parlament thousands of people gathered to sing, drum, dance and show how urgent it is to have a brand new start of real changes, not empty promises like so many times before.

It gives me so much hope. People of all ages show that this time no one is going to push them around anymore. Thursday was thrilling, was the meeting on Friday really going to happen, was the conditions such that it was promising? Some chiefs made the choice to not take part. All First Nations have their own history with the treaties, with Canada, with how to handle what's going on right now. There's division and it's nothing wrong with that, everybody is not identically the same in this and should not be. We are all unique. Friday's talk must follow with new talks and it seems like Harper start to see the grass root powers that are pushing him now. This time it has to come to real honest change.

Andrea Landry, organizer for Idle No More in Ottawa writes about yesterdays meeting on the website

Waters in my home land.

I'm deeply thankful for social media today so I can read what lot's of grass root people have to say in this. National news media, give overviews every day, and that's interesting to, but it's even bigger to be able to hear all the voices that speak for themselves. Blogger write out of their hearts, from their family history, how this rising has in some ways begun decades ago deep down, it's only now that it's hitting the surface and grows huge. First hand information. Compare this with back in the old days when we had one news channel, and it would not be for sure that Swedish television even choose to cover the news in Canada. And yes, I'm of course aware of the importance to check critically what is the source for the news that reaches us, who's saying this or that, what myths are carried around? Someone might want to spread false information to miscredit.

Every single little spieces has it's place and should be protected.

There's no doubt that history is written. That a great deal of focus is put on building up non-violent manifestations. And I'm really eager to learn the history of First Nations in Canada.
In my teenage time I read the book Bury my heart at Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown. That sort of kicked off lots of other things that I later on took interest in.

We where watching childrens tv (Stål-Henrik och Supersnälla Silver-Sara) yesterday evening and I heard such a brilliant saying there:

"Stand up, otherwise someone else will stand up on you." In swedish: "Stå på dig, annars står någon annan på dig."

Stand tall like a tree.

fredag 11 januari 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, MUKO agency is here.

I'm so excited! I'm so proud!
Welcome to our new agency: MuKo Agency.

6 musicians in Göteborg has now got together in their brand new agency, to join forces and to really make it happen here from the west coast of Sweden and far out, way beyond.

Welcome to visit our web-page:
MUKO Sweden
Please share and like us on Facebook.

6 musicians and their bands, that means all in all the impressive number of 36 fine musicians. Each one with a long carreer of innovative music.

Irmelin: Three voices. A capella. Tradition in renewal.

Nordic Wedding Music: Contemporary folk music where playful improvisation meets songs of love.

Kaja: New written Swedish chamber Folk with Eastern European vibes.

MOZ trio: Sparkling! Swedish Martina & Owe Almgren with London pianist Zoe Rahman.

Martina Almgren Quartet: Vivid jazz, with a very tangible, dynamic beat.

Amazonas: Experimental, sonorous & unexpected music.

Tesla: Improvised music with groove, intimacy & grace. Swedish trio that moves above & beyond.

Corpo: Music without borders, filled with sensitivity & warmth.

Mikael Godée Eve Beuvens quartet: A musical foundation that is stable in all weather, enjoy it!

Kaja and Tetra: Midvintervaka, A vibrant saffron fragrant and cinnamon flavoured world musical Christmas brew.


torsdag 10 januari 2013

Winter images, I love grey and green!

Two warm weeks took away all snow. But today it's minus degrees again and a wonderful day for a walk.
Sun and snowfall at the same time.
I have to hurry and get out immediately.

Some spend their time creating a good looking home.
I like to spend time on finding out good music.

Walking the dog gives me some clear thoughts and fresh air.

Many shades.
Instead of just black and white, we are surrounded by the many shades of colours. I wish we could look at life the same way. See all the nuances.

Step by step, finding how to live a life with creativity at center, and also let go of the same when it turns to a squirrel wheel in a crazy world. Life is much bigger.


onsdag 9 januari 2013

Stories in my tv from near and far

I've seen a documentary filming of what it is to be jewish in Great Britain today. Being orthodox or extravagant and everything in between.
It was interesting to see the wedding! Actually, I've seen two weddings on tv today, also when two young men married in Skara church as first gay couple getting married there. It's really great to see love celebrated in so many ways!

In the documentary it's a part when Jack Aizenberg could do his bar mitzvah as 85 years old. He never had it as a child because the nazi occupation of Poland. He survived the hell of Buchenwald camp and Terezin. After he was liberated he came to Great Britain and started to live again. To watch him as an old man do the ceremony of bar mitzvah was unbelievable touching. A boy is singing in this scene and it really makes time totally gone. The 85 year old man in tears and the young boy singing and the victory of life.

News from Canada I can have in my computer, isn't it amazing the way we can quickly catch up on news and let voices be heard? I can follow the Round Dance Revolution from home, learn about the history of Canada.


tisdag 8 januari 2013

Together we can achieve a lot

CBC television, public news channel, is dedicating this full week to updates about Idle no More.

Here's a paneldiscussion from 7th of January really worth listening to in order to get a glimpse of what Idle no More is about.

Gabrielle Scrimshaw answers the question about who is in Idle No More. Grass root people + elected official leaders + people outside Canada. Environmentalists are also mentioned by another panelmember Keith Beardsley.

I've thought about this, for people who care for nature it is a moment now when we can make positive change and protect land and water from being polluted. Native or non-native, I sure support the cause of human rights, indigenous rights and our earth to be a place where also our children and grandchildren can live. This is why it's so important to all of us.

Wab Kinew adds the importance of the grandparents joining Idle No More. Now they become politically active and motivated. What would it take to get the grandparents involved? Leaving the ordinary daily life with seeing granchildren, baking, going to bingo, they now make sure they go to the flash mobs and take part in the round dances. I guess this rising is meeting with their experiences but at earlier times they didn't have social media as a tool to reach out the way we can see now. Intercultural grandmothers on march article.

Wab Kinew in the panel of CBC is writer of this article. He is also a hip hop artist, journalist, myth buster, tv-host and ambassador for First Nations people. Why Idle No More is not just an "Indian Thing".

On youtube there's some fine myth busting with Wab:

See him go through 500 years of history in 2 minutes:

What is 8th fire? It's a prophecy that there are going to be 7 generations of struggle and pain, and after that there will be the 8th generation, or 8th fire, restoring harmony and friendship in the people.

Swedish news isn't covering much fun right now. Trains in the north of Sweden doesn't work, new road taxes in Göteborg is met with protest from some while on the other hand people are positive it reduces traffic and public transportations seems to work well. I'd rather follow what's happening in Canada. Next CBC update is going to cover the celebration and joy found in Idle No More. Can't wait to see that. Maybe it's because there's so much joy in this that makes me captured by Idle No More. Will you agree on this, that the painful experiences can be transformed to great power and true love? It wont come easy, but together we can achieve a lot.


måndag 7 januari 2013

Earth Tribe stand with Idle No More

"Let's build the future together."

That's what Chief Theresa Spence say in an interview. Together. That's not what happening and that's why she's on hungerstrike, that's why Idle No More-movement is gaining so big momentum. It's about living together with nature and not waste the nature. It's important all over the world, and young people today, everywhere, want to see real change happening. That's why I want to put the light on this story, again and again.

Since I wrote last time about Idle No More in my blog post on 4th of January it's now an agreement between First Nations leaders and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to come together and meet on the 11th of January. This is an important step and it's also time to make sure the movement of Idle No More keep steady in the momentum. It's still a long road ahead to achieve a good relation between all parts in this. Chief Theresa Spence say her hungerstrike can go on even after this meeting if there is no progress. Stephen Harper and his government has made new laws that directly will harm nature and affect land and water where native people live.

"At issue is the government’s Bill C-45, which brings changes to land management on aboriginal reserves and to the Navigable Waters Act, removing thousands of lakes and streams from federal protection under that law.
Native chiefs say they weren’t consulted on the changes, but will be directly affected by them."

Read more:montrealgazette 

Below is a film from Idle No More manifestation in Seattle, just before the meeting of 11 of January were announced. It's an excellent introduction about the rising of awareness happening now, and the 500 years long journey that has lead up til today.

I quote Michael Harris, Why Theresa Spence's struggle matters.
iPolitics Insight.

"Why is she so important? For one thing, she has young people interested in politics again. For another, she believes in standing up for her rights in a peaceable way. For a third, she knows that official BS is still BS.
At the most basic level, it comes down to this: In a lethargic nation, dazed by a neo-conservative blitzkrieg on the country’s democratic practices, the environment, science, foreign policy and public probity, an aboriginal woman has made people think about the nature of their country and government again — and about their own power and value as citizens.

..... So last December 11, it was shocking to see someone actually want to talk to the prime minister as the country’s most important employee, not as an imperial figure who lives at the top of an unapproachable mountain shrouded in mist. Chief Spence had the audacity to think that she was important because her concerns were important. She was also sufficiently committed to the notion of democracy (however battered it may be in Canada) that she believed talking to the prime minister — nation to nation, as promised — might benefit everyone.
The prime minister has more than a few things to answer for. What happened to those exalted promises of a new, respectful relationship with Canada’s aboriginal people made so recently by the government? Where is the vision to replace the one the federal government smashed when it abandoned the Kelowna Accord? What did Harper’s apology for the sadistic residential school system really amount to, if he won’t even pick up the phone and talk to one of its survivors?
When she was a student in that hideous system, Theresa Spence’s mother died on Christmas Day. Spence was nine years old. Officials at her school barred her from attending her mother’s funeral. Had the PM called Chief Spence on Christmas Day 2012, one wonders what ghosts he might have helped exorcise. Instead, he was working on his New Year’s Eve message about how his government “continued to strengthen First Nation relationships in 2012.”
Full article is here iPolitics insight

Chief Spence exclusive interview CBC, December 18, 2012:


lördag 5 januari 2013

Songs on Twelves Night

Boys and girls in Falun, long time ago, carrying the stars, singing the songs of the star.

Picture found via Sveriges Radio.

Goderafton, goderafton, både kvinnor och män,
säg, haver ni sett stjärnan från österland?

Den stjärnan hon lyste över hela vårt land.
Till dess att vi kommo till Betlehem fram.

Vi sökte efter Jesus i kyrkor och hus,
vi tände upp lyktor, vi tände upp ljus.

Förgäves vi sökte, han fanns inte där,
men i krubban vi funno Guds son, Jesus kär.

Trad Grycksbo.

A very similar version of this song was also sung by my relative Yngve Hedén in his childhood in Falun.

Photo from wikipedia. Note, they have the christmas-goat standing to the right.

Twelves Night has been connected with many songs. Songs and a theatrical play with a cast mixed of religious and pagan caracters. Songs are very often about the star of Betlehem and the three wise men. How the star guided them to Betlehem where they worshipped the child, plus some other connected stories. Sometimes it's about how the parents take the child and flee to Egypt, to escape King Herode and his soldiers.

Nykarleby 1954 eller 1955.

Like in oral tradition kept by youth it was different from village to village exactly how the melody was sung and what verses, and what caracters took part in the play. King Herode and the child murders was sometimes part of the repertoire. Probably because of the un-nameable horrors in the story. What was deeply distrurbing and scary was then, like now, the part that draw a lot of attention. It might even function as a way of handling the dark side of the human nature, to get in contact with what is not acceptable. A story to be told so everybody learns and understands the absolute tabo of killing. To deal with things within the frame of a theatrical play is today known as a therapeutical way of understanding life of human beings. Even if it was not outspoken at that time, it was surely understood subconsiously.

Nykarleby singers on visit in Jakobstad.

What I like a lot is all the songs about the star. I've always thought about it as a way of holding up the light. Singing the light in a dark time. Living in the northern part of the world you can imagine how day light fades away between 3 and 4 in the afternoon in early January. This applies to Göteborg. It's even earlier if you live more far north in Sweden.

Carry the light. That's exactely what this tradition was about, put a candle in a home made star on a stick and carry it around.

I Österland där en stjärna uppgick,
ovanligen månde den brinna.
Tre vise män efter Guds allvisa skick,
Gud sände det barnet att finna.
Från Midians land kom de löpare tre
som ville den nyfödde konungen se,
de offrade håvor och ära.

De offrade rökelse, myrra och guld,
det heliga barnet var oss så huld,
Jesum vår frälsare kära.

När konung Herodes fick höra det tal
att en konung var födder till världen,
fick han i sitt hjärta bekymmer och kval,
och trakta därefter att mörda.
Men Josef tog barnet och Marie,
och flydde så in i Egypti land,
ur fattigdom, köld och elände.

Trad. Rogsta, Hälsingland.

In Grycksbo in Dalarna it's a little bit different, instead of star-bearers, kings and soldiers, it's a group of Tomtar, plural for Santa, who form a parade and give gifts of sweets to the children. It started off to raise money for people in need during the second world war if I remember right.

And finally, a favourite among beautiful folk songs around christmas. This one is like a short poem more than a story leading from A to B. Someone prays to be given the light on our road of life.

Jag går och ser på himlens planeter
de stjärnor som lysa de tre vise män.
Ack om de för mig månde brinna
när vi skola vandra den vägen däran.

Trad. Enviken, Dalarna.

Morninglight in winter time.


Wim Wenders desert dreamlike images

How come deserts plus good music makes such a good combo?

Until the end of the world

Paris Texas. Desert scene again. Beautiful music by Ry Cooder.

I'm working on some really interesting music now, modal music for voice, oud and upright base. This beginning of a new year has really come with some new energy. At the end of last year I felt deeply tired after releasing a book and recording a cd, plus many tours, travels and concerts. It's good to know then that the energy can come back, even if it takes time. I'm taking it a bit more slowly now, knowing better now how stress can sneak up on you.

Oh, I'm lucky to have so good role models among my collegues, people who teach me how to take time to reflect and reduce schedule in order to be able to deliver something and be happy. You know who you are :-)


fredag 4 januari 2013

Dance - is to rise. Idel No More

Everyday I follow the development of Idel No More in Canada. It's powerful to see a grassroot movement rise up like this. Many human rights organisations has now shown support for Chief Theresa Spence who are on hunger strike for the cause.

What is the cause? It's to establish a nation-to-nation meeting between First Nations leaders and Canadas Prime Minister Stephen Harper. To secure a true democratic meeting with a proper respect for the rights of First Nations people in Canada who has so far been grossly set back in numerous ways. Put an end to broken treaties and abolish new laws where the First Nations people had no chance to take part in decisions concerning their own land and water-rights. "Enough is enough".

News reports on Canada television

OKT group of laywers (specialists in aboriginal treaty rights and litigations) give a breif explanation of what grassroot movements Idel No More is about and why Chief Theresa Spence is on hunger strike: OKT Law.

Idle No More started with four ladies; Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon & Sheelah McLean, and today it has grown large on social media.

Flash mobs is happening now in both Canada and the US, and very often it's singing, dancing, drumming. I found this especially interesting. It's again the type of fuel that comes from dancing and singing. It's so powerful, it's non-violent, it's unites people. And it scares the oppressing powers a lot when grassroot people do this. Remember South Africa, the singing revolution. You can kill the singer, but you can never kill the song. Remember Victor Jara.

Dancing has always been a bit frightening to some. One of my family members, Elisabet Jansson, has researched and written a book, "Den kära leken - våra nordiska cirkel- och kedjedansrötter" on the history of such dance in Sweden. She found remarkable history that dance was looked upon as something dangerous and therefore should be marginalised and rejected. As soon as we form a circle and dance together, it seems like authorities feel threatened.

I use the power of dancing for my own well-being. I dance lindy hop, balboa, boogie woogie, and I just love it. It is joy, it is play, it makes me more balanced, more grounded, it releases stress.

Dance is to live with your balance over your both feet.

To dance is to live fully.

Partner dancing is to give and take and care for the other,
listen and respond,
cooperation it it's most beautiful poetic form.

All around the world men and women are now preparing for the greatest flash mob I've ever heard of. It's organized by locals everywhere, and it's called One Billion Rising. It's a grassroot movement to end violence against women and girls. On the 14th of February, just a little bit more than a month ahead, people will gather and dance together, put the light on the cause and raise awareness and restore dignity.
If you want to join and make a dance meeting on the 14th of Feb, please visit and you can get the "toolkit" and share your rising.

Alice Walker on One million rising:

Pina - dance dance otherwise we are lost. A tribute to Pina Bausch, film made by Wim Wenders. Thank you Daniel for introducing me to this beautiful trailer. I can't wait to see the full length film!


torsdag 3 januari 2013

Lhasa de Sela

This is music I keep returning to, year after year. She's unfortunately not with us anylonger in this world but she's eternal with her music.

Anywhere on this road:

Anywhere on this road the very first song I heard from her music. It's such a moment that is clear in my memory. I was teaching in a voice workshop, my own weekend course in "kulning" at the lovely small hotel, Dala-Floda Värdshus. The owners then at this time were Christina and Paul Aarts who now run a small hotel, Subira House at Lamu in Kenya. They had the most interesting collection of music from all over the world, from classical to jazz to folk music and everything in between. One morning at breakfast they played Lhasa in the dining room. I was not the only one who immediately went to the kitchen to ask what this music was. Of course I had to buy the cd later on.

Lhasa: Rising

onsdag 2 januari 2013

Min julklapp från Handlarn i Övertänger

Jag fick en påse som jag önskat mig i julklapp från Pias affär, "Handlarn" i Övertänger! Det är mama och pappa som varit där och valt ut diverse helt vanliga men kärleksfulla matvaror och annat. Det gillar jag!

Kryddor, en god ost från hennes ostdisk, hushållsförbrukningsvaror som tål lite lagring. Mamma hade satt på ett rött hjärta på påsen! Här en sommarbild från Handlarn. Det dröjer inte så länge nu, några månader tillbara och sen är det vår igen!

Det känns bra att handla hos Pia. Övertänger behöver affären, och Pia har dessutom en fantastisk ost- och charkdisk och en på det hela taget jättemysig och välsorterad affär.  För att inte tala om bästa servicen!

Och här är ett roligt förslag på vad man kan göra med sina julkort:
Re-make basket of christmas-card

Kram, Eva

tisdag 1 januari 2013

First of January with some mountain music with Maxida Märak

Today is easygoing,1st of January, sleeping long and having a day in the sofa....mmm, nice!

On new years eve we spoke about resolutions and we could agree that we identify areas where each person want to higher or lower the ambitions.
Theese ambitions apply for me:

* Slow down the speed a bit.
* I want to cook more food with good real seasonal vegetables, meat, fish. Less factory made food.
* I want to be daring and without compromises in my music. Simplicity, space.

I've been asked if I do new years resolutions. Yes, I guess I do in a way, but it's an ongoing process. I have my own manifesto that I re-evaluate from time to time. It's hand written in a black book where I add new thoughts, or old thoughts that are important to me. Sometimes it's principles I've found, sometimes it's rooted in my own earlier experience and follows what occurs in my own development. I love to share "seeds of thought". I love to read what other people have been thinking. For 2013, let love and tolerance start within our own thinking.

Don't judge...
Let go of expectations.....
Have acceptance for things that happen.....
Trust that the unexpected things that occur in your life has something to do with your own growing.
Have the courage to make the decisions.
Accept what you can't change and learn to see the difference between what you can or can't change.
Life is abundant. Instead of seeking for having as much as possible on behalf of others, there is plenty and enough for all if we share.

"People don't make you angry, they don't make you happy. They are simply invitations. Notice whether you are reacting or responding. Oneness ALLWAYS applies." -MahaNomi

Some days ago I discovered this lovely singer from north of Sweden, Maxida Märak. I'm very happy to find this music, it's a unique collaboration and new interpretation of mountain music. I just love it.

Maxida Märak & Downhill Bluegrass Band