onsdag 16 april 2014

Folkvocal day 3 in Stockholm

Today is the World Day of Voice!
What can be a better idea to celebrate than to spend a full day with these powerful and creative song sisters? A capella at it's best.

Amazing how much flow we've had the two past days. The music is coming together beautifully. We have come to the point of putting the whole set together. There are already clear links between some songs, patterns that will go in and out of each other. Yet we have to decide who will sing what, a sort of casting for the different roles.
We are four composers in this and it's definitely four unique voices with so much personality. We are also united by the roots of our vocal tradition.

Can't wait to meet with the four other singers who will together with us make the full ensemble.

Susanne Rosenberg
Maria Misgeld
Ulrika Bodén
Eva Rune
Lisa Laestander
Karin Ericsson Back
Maja Eriksson
Sofia Sandén

Mark the day in your calendars. Please come and share this unique event with us when we perform the piece in Stockholm on the 18th of June.

In the studio composing music.

måndag 14 april 2014

Work in progress with Folkvocal

Sunny beautiful Stockholm!
I wake up this morning and find myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Stockholm.

The four of us composers for project Folkvocal are now stepping up to the next level. Susanne Rosenberg, Maria Misgeld, Ulrika Bodén and myself. Refine and pull the forces together. Three days of intense work and hopefully we have a unique, extraordinary, crazy, beautiful score ready on wednesday.

I have a small story that stuck in my mind.
The other day I was walking in my neightborhood and saw a man somewhere in the age of 50 +. A little bit rough looking, quite big, someone that might make other people afraid just at sight. He was stopping and looking beside the road. Then he took his camera and made photos of the white spring flowers that are growing abundantly right now.

It's a great challenge and art to never judge people by their looks. I try to work on that every day.

onsdag 2 april 2014

Walk with light steps

Circular economy.
Second hand is first hand.

Mirror second hand. Wall clock from Lisa Tofft.
The old school art of re-cykling. Weavers created rugs with many patterns out of worn out clothes and fabric. Your favourite dress in wich you danced all night long might be the material that carries your foot steps.....

Handcrafted rugs.

Handcrafted bed cover. Leo on top of things.

Dior Lounge Wear, Saks Fifth Avenue. Nylon with zipper front. From the 70's?
The colors and patterns makes me happy every day.