måndag 24 februari 2014

söndag 23 februari 2014

Favourite guitarist John Doyle playing Queen of the earth, child of the sky

A couple of years ago I had the chance to encounter John Doyle while we were at the same festival in Finland. He made a solo performance there that is forever living in my memory.

Earlier that day we had lunch together and talked among other things about mining songs. In his set list of music that night he added a mining song, powerful in beauty and rawness. He also invited me up on stage to sing one mining song together with him, Dark as a dungeon.

Here's a taster for you: Queen of the earth, child of the sky & Coolaney Reel.

We swaped cd's and now his album Shadows and light is one of the CD's that is played again and again here at home. You can get it on line, I'm sure! Check out amazon.com or his own webpage: www.johndoylemusic.com/

Little Sadie:

Here's a link if you want to see and hear him perform a song from that CD, his own piece The Arabic.
John Doyle: The SS Arabic

Photo taken at Lempo Festival, Kouvola, Finland:

Photographer Minna Raskinen

lördag 22 februari 2014

Colors and beauty

If you are the photographer of this beautiful pic, I would be happy to know who you are and give all credits to you.

Good morning out there. Or should I say good day?
Not in a long time I have felt so great need for a long sleep morning and today I could have it.
No alarm clock. Sleep as long as I want.
To bring in some new fresh energy I chose the photo of this woman today.

The last two weeks has been a lot about starting up a new youth club for girls where I work in Hjällbo, swedish church. Main goal is to get new friends and get energy through laughter and doing fun things where everyone is respected for who she is.
As a leader I work a lot with having the girls talk in rounds where everybody speak and is listened to. It has to do with building up confidence and empower the dreams the girls have and make them believe in themselves.
This form of girls clubs excist in many places around the world and I have books and material to get inspiration.

This new started group has chosen the animal bear to be our symbol and group name. The more I think of it the better it is. The bear is about strength and courage, and having access to your dreams. The bear hibernate through the winter and is therefor living in the dream in a remarkable way. A bear can be a cosy cute teddy bear when needed and it can be big and powerful when needed.
The bear is a holy animal in many cultures around the world. The sign for bear in sign language is to draw a cross infront of your face.

Piet Hein (1905-1996), a danish poet wrote:

For you english speaking people I can recommend website Piet Hein.

Happy weekend everybody!

torsdag 13 februari 2014

Anti fracking, anti mining.

The hunger for minerals and fossil fuel is damaging the earth, in many countries.
Here's some voices, strong voices, who question the whole thing.

Movie from Canada about a young layer Caleb Behn.

Frack is Wack                    Get The Frack Out!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.                    Can’t Drink Money

Love Your River                                  Health Over Profit

Don’t Be Fracking Crazy!                               Fraccidents Happen

Solar Now!                   Thou shalt not frack.

And in Sweden we are giving away our mineral recources to foreign companys, leaving only the scars and wounds in the earth for the local people who live there. This land belongs to the indigenous sami people, and colonial Sweden has taken land from the sami for a long time. Now Sweden give away the minerals to foreign company, Beowulf Mining Company in Great Britan. Let's fight this on a political level, we live in a democracy and our politicians has to listen to the people.
This time the big companies will learn that there is resistance. Reindeer herding has been there more than 1000 years, and the reindeers way of walking in the mountains and forests eating different plants around the year is essential to maintain this lifestyle. A new mine in this area will become the end of that era. We can't let it happen.

TED talk Sofia Jannok:


Long live the sami culture in Gallok! And elsewhere.

onsdag 12 februari 2014

Reflections of light and water

A sunny afternoon near the beach on a winter day.

Walk by the sea.

Blue sky after days of rain.

I've spend time with a group of youngster & three other youth leaders, totally marvellous group! Confirmand group.

Four days we shared talk, songs, playfulness, deep talk, games, movie (Matrix I) creativity, candy-eating, prayers, friendship at the youth camp.
Us grown ups enjoyed the beach walk most, perhaps.
Pilgrim walk.
To me it was one of the great parts, as I always like to be outside
with the sky as my ceiling.

The power of play is my greatest memory of this camp.
Thank you for the play!
Long live playfulness!


fredag 7 februari 2014

Pete Seeger words!

By Peter Seeger.

"Songs are funny things. They can slip across borders. Proliferate in prisons. Penetrate hard shells. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history."
- Pete Seeger

"Every times I'm in the woods, I feel like I'm in church."
- Pete Seeger

"Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live."
- Pete Seeger

"It's a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with."
- Pete Seeger

Today it's time to go to a youth camp a few hours south from here. I'm excited to go. I wish and hope there will be lots of moments when we truly meet, share, have fun and dare to talk important things. Indeed, we are there because it's a church confirmand camp, one of the rare moments when young people can talk about life mystery without having parents present, or in a ordinary school setting.

They are a lovely bunch of youngsters, full of energy as it should be. I can clearly remember when I was in the same age. Sometimes very much a confused thinker who wondered deeply about the mystery of life, and sometimes just a kid playing around. My wish is to be there for them the way I remember some really good people were there for us back in those days.

The four Pete Seeger quotes are in a way as if designed for this youth camp.
If you ask me.


söndag 2 februari 2014

GIFF - Gothenburg Film Festival 2014

Yesterday I enjoyed two films. And I really enjoyed. This years GIFF has delivered again. I had great company too, a friend who also enjoys slow movies that gives you a lot of food for thought.

Previous years I have chosen to se movies from Asia. So I'm glad my friend choose this one. (To surprise eachother we picked one film each)  I love the rythm, the symbolic pictures, the way of getting a glimpse of how it can be for people who live there.

Toilet Blues, by Dirmawan Hatta. A poetic, dramatic, symbolic film from Indonesia. It talks about the good and bad in every human, how life concists of both.

In one scene in Toilet Blues it's a rail road worker standing with a light on his hand saying: the train you know where it goes, it follows the track. But a humans head can go whichever way. Listen to the heart. The heart will lead, the heart is the track and the head will follow.

To widen my insights in what it is to be young and native in the US I wanted to see Pine Ridge, documentary movie by swedish film maker Anna Eborn.
Because I have a big interest in Idle No More movement.
Because indigenous knowledge is spreading and doing so much good work for clean air and water.
Because it's about indigenous rights.
I have to tap into this whole thing to understand better. Hopefully my contacts will lead me to travel there in a not too far away future.

Anna Eborn's film is not about Idle No More, it's about the people living on Pine Ridge. Are you interested to know how Idle No More comes into this? Check out social Media Hashtags: #MoccasinsontheGround #HonourTheEarth #NoKXL

Here's an interview with Anna Eborn: