torsdag 13 februari 2014

Anti fracking, anti mining.

The hunger for minerals and fossil fuel is damaging the earth, in many countries.
Here's some voices, strong voices, who question the whole thing.

Movie from Canada about a young layer Caleb Behn.

Frack is Wack                    Get The Frack Out!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.                    Can’t Drink Money

Love Your River                                  Health Over Profit

Don’t Be Fracking Crazy!                               Fraccidents Happen

Solar Now!                   Thou shalt not frack.

And in Sweden we are giving away our mineral recources to foreign companys, leaving only the scars and wounds in the earth for the local people who live there. This land belongs to the indigenous sami people, and colonial Sweden has taken land from the sami for a long time. Now Sweden give away the minerals to foreign company, Beowulf Mining Company in Great Britan. Let's fight this on a political level, we live in a democracy and our politicians has to listen to the people.
This time the big companies will learn that there is resistance. Reindeer herding has been there more than 1000 years, and the reindeers way of walking in the mountains and forests eating different plants around the year is essential to maintain this lifestyle. A new mine in this area will become the end of that era. We can't let it happen.

TED talk Sofia Jannok:

Long live the sami culture in Gallok! And elsewhere.

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  1. Thank u for sharing these very important message! I can tell you that the situation is the same in Botswana, with fracking in this desert country very dependent of clean ground water. And the situation for their indigenous people, the San is a catastroph, no land rights at all.
    See also my brothers blogg:
    and this from Umeå (with my comments):