lördag 5 januari 2013

Wim Wenders desert dreamlike images

How come deserts plus good music makes such a good combo?

Until the end of the world

Paris Texas. Desert scene again. Beautiful music by Ry Cooder.

I'm working on some really interesting music now, modal music for voice, oud and upright base. This beginning of a new year has really come with some new energy. At the end of last year I felt deeply tired after releasing a book and recording a cd, plus many tours, travels and concerts. It's good to know then that the energy can come back, even if it takes time. I'm taking it a bit more slowly now, knowing better now how stress can sneak up on you.

Oh, I'm lucky to have so good role models among my collegues, people who teach me how to take time to reflect and reduce schedule in order to be able to deliver something and be happy. You know who you are :-)


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