lördag 19 januari 2013

Luzern concert with Annika Dobler on cello

This morning I stood up early to go to the airport and fly to Switzerland. Great to be here again! For the first time I have seen Luzern today, beautiful city. It's snowy and winter time, and I'm lucky to be here. Tired yes, but it's ok. Annika and I immediately sat down to go through our concert program. The music feels growing, maybe it's getting ripe in the subconsious during the period we didn't play together. Last time we made concert is nearly a year ago.

Welcome to concert: Sousol at 15, Sunday 20th of Jan, in Luzern.

The venue is both a concert venue, and a dance hall for tango and lindy hop. You can guess I feel at home! No photos? My own computer stopped breathe this monday, and I had to leave it with my computer wizard Pär Johansson. Great guy! Yesterday the problem was solved and my computer is alive again. So that's why I'm blogging without photos.

 Good to do a little computer-detox.

Just music in my mind and dresses in my gig-bag.


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