onsdag 9 januari 2013

Stories in my tv from near and far

I've seen a documentary filming of what it is to be jewish in Great Britain today. Being orthodox or extravagant and everything in between.
It was interesting to see the wedding! Actually, I've seen two weddings on tv today, also when two young men married in Skara church as first gay couple getting married there. It's really great to see love celebrated in so many ways!

In the documentary it's a part when Jack Aizenberg could do his bar mitzvah as 85 years old. He never had it as a child because the nazi occupation of Poland. He survived the hell of Buchenwald camp and Terezin. After he was liberated he came to Great Britain and started to live again. To watch him as an old man do the ceremony of bar mitzvah was unbelievable touching. A boy is singing in this scene and it really makes time totally gone. The 85 year old man in tears and the young boy singing and the victory of life.

News from Canada I can have in my computer, isn't it amazing the way we can quickly catch up on news and let voices be heard? I can follow the Round Dance Revolution from home, learn about the history of Canada.


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