fredag 11 januari 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, MUKO agency is here.

I'm so excited! I'm so proud!
Welcome to our new agency: MuKo Agency.

6 musicians in Göteborg has now got together in their brand new agency, to join forces and to really make it happen here from the west coast of Sweden and far out, way beyond.

Welcome to visit our web-page:
MUKO Sweden
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6 musicians and their bands, that means all in all the impressive number of 36 fine musicians. Each one with a long carreer of innovative music.

Irmelin: Three voices. A capella. Tradition in renewal.

Nordic Wedding Music: Contemporary folk music where playful improvisation meets songs of love.

Kaja: New written Swedish chamber Folk with Eastern European vibes.

MOZ trio: Sparkling! Swedish Martina & Owe Almgren with London pianist Zoe Rahman.

Martina Almgren Quartet: Vivid jazz, with a very tangible, dynamic beat.

Amazonas: Experimental, sonorous & unexpected music.

Tesla: Improvised music with groove, intimacy & grace. Swedish trio that moves above & beyond.

Corpo: Music without borders, filled with sensitivity & warmth.

Mikael Godée Eve Beuvens quartet: A musical foundation that is stable in all weather, enjoy it!

Kaja and Tetra: Midvintervaka, A vibrant saffron fragrant and cinnamon flavoured world musical Christmas brew.


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