lördag 12 januari 2013

Singing and dancing for clean water, fresh air, and a real change.

Let's walk together for a brighter future.

Summer rain

Of course it was a big day, yesterday Friday, January 11.
I've been waiting to hear the news from Canada, how the meeting of First Nations leaders, representativs of youth, women, elders from First Nations came together with Prime Minister Harper and some other ministers. Outside the Parlament thousands of people gathered to sing, drum, dance and show how urgent it is to have a brand new start of real changes, not empty promises like so many times before.

It gives me so much hope. People of all ages show that this time no one is going to push them around anymore. Thursday was thrilling, was the meeting on Friday really going to happen, was the conditions such that it was promising? Some chiefs made the choice to not take part. All First Nations have their own history with the treaties, with Canada, with how to handle what's going on right now. There's division and it's nothing wrong with that, everybody is not identically the same in this and should not be. We are all unique. Friday's talk must follow with new talks and it seems like Harper start to see the grass root powers that are pushing him now. This time it has to come to real honest change.

Andrea Landry, organizer for Idle No More in Ottawa writes about yesterdays meeting on the website lastrealindians.com

Waters in my home land.

I'm deeply thankful for social media today so I can read what lot's of grass root people have to say in this. National news media, cbc.ca give overviews every day, and that's interesting to, but it's even bigger to be able to hear all the voices that speak for themselves. Blogger write out of their hearts, from their family history, how this rising has in some ways begun decades ago deep down, it's only now that it's hitting the surface and grows huge. First hand information. Compare this with back in the old days when we had one news channel, and it would not be for sure that Swedish television even choose to cover the news in Canada. And yes, I'm of course aware of the importance to check critically what is the source for the news that reaches us, who's saying this or that, what myths are carried around? Someone might want to spread false information to miscredit.

Every single little spieces has it's place and should be protected.

There's no doubt that history is written. That a great deal of focus is put on building up non-violent manifestations. And I'm really eager to learn the history of First Nations in Canada.
In my teenage time I read the book Bury my heart at Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown. That sort of kicked off lots of other things that I later on took interest in.

We where watching childrens tv (Stål-Henrik och Supersnälla Silver-Sara) yesterday evening and I heard such a brilliant saying there:

"Stand up, otherwise someone else will stand up on you." In swedish: "Stå på dig, annars står någon annan på dig."

Stand tall like a tree.

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