onsdag 16 januari 2013

Touring day 3

Irmelin with Johannes in Studio Epidemin. Photo by Karin Ericsson Back

Super intense, wonderful, fun being on tour with Karin and Maria to sing for the elders. And when we don't perform we are busy with the final stage of mixing our coming cd. Tomorrow it's time to meet the photographer for the photos of the cd.

Late at night I have some time to read mails, and write. And read latest news of the Idle No More movement. It's the most positive news the fills me with both hope and more fire.

One link for today, something I would really like to share. In the new blog Divided No More you can read what many voices say about the uprising. Here's on back ground traditions and fish-broth-fasting

I believe somehow we can be a global solidarity movement with Idle No More. It's time to stand up for solidarity again, and again, for what we believe in. And that means to do something with our lives so it's not only words. Where we are we can always transform something to better fit in a new world without the old colonial patterns that can be found also in our society.


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