söndag 13 januari 2013

Sing with gratitude to our elders

Tomorrow Monday is first day of a big tour, singing for the elders with Irmelin. When they are to old to go to concert, concert come to them. We wish to bring in some colour in their homes, the spirit of a capella singing.

It's not only big time touring, 22 concerts in 10 days. Early in the morning I will go to Studio Epidemin to begin mix the cd we recorded in October. So there's a morning shift to be done before concert. Photo sessions later in the week, sqeezed in between shows.

If there will not be much bloggin this week, you know why :-)

The glimpses I get from the First Nations movement in Canada shows all the time so much respect for the elders. The elders are there to provide advice, to guide, to help out the younger from their great resources of experience. I wish we can learn from them and seek guidance and advice from our elders as well. Same same but different.

Good night!


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