fredag 18 januari 2013

When music is revolution

Round dance is happening everywhere everyday and it's central to the rising. A round dance revolution! Street corners, shopping malls, big roads, railroads, as well as a surprice in a tv-show. Here's an amazing clip:

Check if there's something you would like to do on global level in support for Idle No More World Day of Action
It's happening on January 28.

Why is this revolution like a magnet on me? I guess parts of the answer is that I find it so powerful when a rising is driven by song, dance, drums, and has a center of peaceful protest. Non-violence in it's finest forms. Yet powerful and like tidal waves, this has grown for so long time and nothing can hold the tide back now. Another aspect I find so encouraging is when it's cross generations, old and young get together. Old and young take a huge interest in being politically active. That's huge! It's hope! Here's some really good talks and writings to give a much better picture than I am able to do. I'm only a mirror trying to give echoe of the fantasic things I hear. The smoke of their fires has travelled all the way to Sweden and I'm jumping of joy when I hear non-violence movement building up so strong. Interview with Chelsea Vowel on radio is found on this interesting blog
Chelsea Vowel's own blog is here:

Open letter to Stephen Harper, written by artist Aaron Paquette:


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  1. Jag kan bara hålla med! Det djupt mänskliga gestaltas bäst i gemensam sångdans, där hittar vi kraften att stå emot förtryck i alla dess former. Tack för att du skriver om detta, hoppas att många läser.