onsdag 30 januari 2013

Learned a lot this week

Here are a few things that stood shining out, right in front of me, like if life have to shout sometimes to my stubborn senses.

* You can guide yourself to not be so shy.

* You can guide yourself to feel more secure about making mistakes. It's not so dangerous to make mistakes.

* Be a lion!

Just by dancing balboa this Sunday I got back home so full of energy, so happy, feeling more relaxed and happy about myself than I have done for a long time. Wow, there has been so much good things accomplished at work, and then it's this increadible community of dancers where I can go and meet friends.

Next day, Monday, was a kind of back lash during daytime. Was told by an unknown worker at Försäkringskassan that it looks like I'm not working full time, my income is so small. But I am! I'll tell you, I work so much I can push everything, several weeks are 7 days work days, not a single day off. Gladly learning year by year how to improve my work, my art, my entrepreneurship. And here's someone that put me in a box and think I have to be like everyone else, comparing apples with oranges (comparing employees to self-employees). It made me quite sad, and mad.

Oh, did I tell you, I made 23 concerts in two weeks? And the same day I spoke with this lady at Försäkringskassan I got three new concerts booked!

Well, Monday evening, again, fly high in joy. Because we danced and sang for Idle No More, joining in for the rights of indigenous people and sustainable living on Earth.

Tuesday new talks with the square people who just don't really understand how I can make it. I don't really think it's so way out. I'm doing fine. It's me and my decisions for my little family to live healthy. No one else can sit in another telephone and understanding my ways. Because it's just my ways and it works for me.

Today I heard from another woman, mother, artist, that I have to be a lion. I have to fight more. Next time I talk with those people who want to compare apples and oranges I can just say thank you that you care for me, but I'm doing fine. Sharpen my claws. Don't take the shit.

My friend the artist told me at the end of the phonecall: Good luck to you with your VERY important work!


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  1. Incredible, I just say it: "Försäkringskassan", blame you!

    Yes: Rise and don´t take the shit!