torsdag 3 januari 2013

Lhasa de Sela

This is music I keep returning to, year after year. She's unfortunately not with us anylonger in this world but she's eternal with her music.

Anywhere on this road:

Anywhere on this road the very first song I heard from her music. It's such a moment that is clear in my memory. I was teaching in a voice workshop, my own weekend course in "kulning" at the lovely small hotel, Dala-Floda Värdshus. The owners then at this time were Christina and Paul Aarts who now run a small hotel, Subira House at Lamu in Kenya. They had the most interesting collection of music from all over the world, from classical to jazz to folk music and everything in between. One morning at breakfast they played Lhasa in the dining room. I was not the only one who immediately went to the kitchen to ask what this music was. Of course I had to buy the cd later on.

Lhasa: Rising

2 kommentarer:

  1. My favorite - thank you! I also remember this wonderful weekend at Dala-Floda Värdshus.

  2. Yes, musically this encounter with Lhasa, in the dining room in Dala-Floda, became a significant point in my musical journey.