onsdag 21 mars 2012

Du är för söt, onge!

Yesterday after concert nr 1 I had such a sweet feedback from the woman on the front row. She had been listening carefully through the whole concert, moving her hands with the rythm of the songs.
She came to us afterwards and said with a warm smile: "Du är för söt, onge! Ta vara på varje dag! Snart är du lika gammal som jag. (You are too cute, kid! Take good care of every day that is given to you. Soon you will be old like me.)
They are angels with their messages to us.

Along the road while passing in the car we've seen some great names on small restaurants. This might only make sense to swedish-speaking people...

Gatuköket Gyllene Korven
Pizza Ferrari (wich was definitely one of the small, rough looking pizzerias)
Li Jiu Kinamat

Sunny greetings from me and our little sun-worshipping dog Leo:

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