fredag 16 maj 2014

Irmelin goes Finland

Irmelin loves Finland!
We are in Vaasa right now together with hundreds and hundreds of other singers. It's the Vaasa choir Festival. Super nicely organized by the festival crew, many thanks, kiitos kiitos! Your dedication for the vocal music is so uplifting and empowering. Lovely to walk in the center of town and hear choir music in every corner.

Yesterday evening we made a concert at Ritz, a theater-like hall, it's a cinema with totally beautiful original atmospher. Interiors from the time it was built. A special thank you to all who came to listen with so big ears and big hearts. Kiitos to all of you. We allways love to share the stories from the sea, from the travellers, of love, of death, of joy again after the sorrow.

It's always a great pleasure to sing in a hall like this, with good light and sound and a setting that enhance focus and energy for the details in our voices and music.

I wonder if they sometimes dance lindy hop, balboa or boogie woogie here? This is just outside the big cinema hall.

We had a lovely dinner at il Banco, a house built on 1860 for a bank in those days. Today a culinary rich place to go, my dinner was ecellent.

Maria Misgeld at the doors of il Banco.
Today we perform again at Ritz and this time it's a shared concert with the choir Philomela. I'm very much looking forward to sing there. We had super nice sound!

Vaasa train station.
To travel with Karin and Maria, it's my best place to be. Song sisters, you rule!


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful concert last night! Your singing is very beautiful and inspiring, I hope to hear more from you in the future. :) And yes, there really happens some groovy Lindy Hopping at Ritz: :)

    1. Dear listener, it was a delight to sing last night, thank you for coming and sharing the moment. Irmelin will perform in Helsinki March 2015. Hopefully we'll travel to Finland many times :-) Are you dancing yourself? I was checking if there was any swingdance going on in Vaasa the two nights we were there but it seems it was not scheduled exactly in those days. Next time :-)