torsdag 1 maj 2014

Folkvocal powerhouse

This is the power of doing things together.
Creativity in a circle of friends and collegues at its best.
Today is the day we gave ourselves deadline to deliver the songs. Happy birthday our baby!

It's been intensifying work to refine and ellaborate our song-ideas. Let each song grow into its shape and personality. As soon as I open my computer to work with recording my stuff I can see the activity is stirring in our dropbox. New files adding, other filer updating.

We've choosen some photos to add to the full picture of what we want to say with our songs. Maria has put it all together in a document with songs, music & lyrics, texts on scenic matters and small choreography things, photos and other stuff for inspiration. It all looks so exciting now when the full picture takes form into reality.

Soon and very soon it's time to share our work in the full ensemble.
May the songs bloom in your hands, dear fellow singers, song sisters, songstresses of the north, amazing ladies! Maria Misgeld, Susanne Rosenberg, Karin Ericsson Back, Lisa lestander, Maja Ericsson, Sofia Sandén, Marie Axelsson and me. See you soon!
Concert will be on 18th of June in Stockholm.


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  1. Jag ser fram emot detta! Sköna majönskningar och kram!