torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Put your boots on the ground

Susane of the Mi'kmaq Warrior Society.

She's young, smart, and warrior. "The corporate monsters envy us of what we have, we have all the love and support that we can gather and we need more, "

"Join us and put your boots on the ground, flood their mailboxes."

It can be Gallok in Sweden or Turtle Island in Canada and many other places, but let's speak out and never be silent around what's happening with the earth. In the end, we can't drink polluted water or eat stones.

Let's speak out against corporation greed and colonialisation.

With this I will go out today and work with Irmelin music and take part in a action day in Sweden.

My peaceful protest. Together with about 400.000 swedish coffé drinkers we'll high light fair trade today. A step in the right direction.


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