fredag 11 november 2011

Skyping with Miranda July on a foggy november night

Stockholm Film Festival on a foggy November night. Before show, I'm so much longing to visit the magic, absurd and fascinating world of Miranda July in her film The Future. She wrote the manus, directed the film and play one of the main roles in it. I feel at home in her world, I've seen the previous film and read her earlier book.

After the show Miranda skyped with us in the audience. This was absolutley special to me, and a historic moment in the film festival, first time they had a face to face talk on skype. Normally the directors are present in the room, this time Miranda was in her home in Los Angeles. Miranda was speaking of the artistic process making the movie, how it was sprung from performance she made. She also explained the symbols and the roots of certain parts of the movie, her way of looking at contamporary society, us humans how we look at our time, our lives, our future.

Miranda waving good bye to us and recieving our warm and heartful ovations.

Official trailer for the The Future, by Miranda July:

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