söndag 23 juni 2013

Mid summer digging into songs

Today I woke up happy. Had this dream where colours turned even more deep and unique I have ever seen them before. Someone entering the room in my dream was the reason for my new ability of sight. Thank you my muse!

Between two journeys, leaving the beauty and silence of Enviken and heading for summer tour in busy Stockholm. I've seldom slept so deeply and sweet. It's a rest and short break on the road. Resting in the knowledge that I'm floating on all things in constant change. No struggle against that fact. Everything is changing. Inner and outer landscapes are shifting.

Nordic Wedding Music has performed in Mälarhöjdens church on past wednesday. It was a celebration of improvised music and love.

Irmelin doing three performances in the Stockholm area. We had an intense meeting with the church musician Mary, who gave us words on our road. "Your songs will get new light in this church (Riddarholmschurch) because it's a special place full of history. Your light will take you out in the world, because you have a pure wish to just share what is good and no hidden agenda to it. You will go to USA, Canada, Japan."
Yes, we wish!

And tonight we sing here:
23 june Ingarö kyrka at 17.


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