onsdag 4 juni 2014

Klangfestival Naturstimmen in Toggenburg, Schweiz, here we come!

Dear folks, Irmelin is on a lovely and powerful journey in Toggenburg, Switzerland. Seeing old friends and making new friends. We have learned how the deep, gritty, real old school yodel goes. Going wild. We have shaken hands with the local people and heard the cow bells from morning to night on the mountain slopes. The real deal.
We have made concert and shared moments of thrill when our calls tear the air, when our soft songs whisperes in your hearts. In the meeting with you lovely audience, we create together. A special song for someone special. It's only happening here and now.

Six brave and skilled students, each one with power in her voice, are in our course of swedish shepherd calls & diddling dance tunes. We are so grateful for being here.

Last night we did our out door concert with voices in shepherd calls, alps, cow horn, natur juuz. Thank you all for coming out there, I think we all felt deep in our hearts how nature and humans and animals are all one together.
A room with a view.

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.” ― Tom Robbins

This machine cleanse your soul.

Participants and Irmelin in our voice course at Naturstimmen Festival 2014.

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