fredag 11 juli 2014

Summer workshop week with Myst

Music is in the air.
Myst have had a week together in Göteborg. Long time no see, but now we've had full days of digging into our music again.

God is in the small details.....

Three days rehearsals and two days recording. One new song has seen the light, Ahmad wrote the piece and Eva added some lyrics. It's called "A Song I Wrote For You".

Seven songs from our repertoir last year has been recorded for demo, that makes eight songs all in all this week.
Here's some pics from work in the studio:
Martin and his new tattoo.

Youssef Hbeisch, percussion.

Ahmad Al Khatib, oud.

Martin Holmlund, double bas. Sara Nilsson, violin.

Eva Rune, vocals.

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