lördag 9 augusti 2014

August 9, Tove Jansson birthday

With all my heart I want to celebrate the author and artist Tove Jansson who would have turned 100 years today. She's one of my house godesses.

Tonight we celebrate Tove and raise a glass of apple lemonade in her honour.

As a sign of my affection of her work and life I have been to the forest today and enjoyed an enchanted moment with my daugther and our little dog. Walking back home in the light rain of a summer afternoon. That we fancy rain might be one of the links back to Tove Jansson's writings. In her books the stormy and rainy weather is just making people more filled with energy and adventure.

I brought a water lily and some spicy scented myrica for Tove.

In my young years my mother used to read loud from Tove's books in the evenings. It was a casual and yet highly appreciated little reading ceremony we did every evening. Gathered around the kitchen table we sat listening to the advetures of all the creatures and animals living in Moomin valley.

Later on I read some of her other books. And books about her and her artistry. Once I have seen her paintings in an exhibition at Millesgården. Fantastic!

Earlier today I enjoyed going to the local second hand market. I found two green silk tops and a white lovely transparent blouse with embroidery on the back. The shirt is smaragd green, and that is a color for Tove, I think. In her writing Tove is very specific with colors.

I also found two tea cups of the kind my grand mother Agnes always used.


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