måndag 1 december 2014

Exited to share happy news!

Happy news on the first of December!
I wish to give a big THANK YOU to Swedish Arts Council for the support I've been honoured for my upcoming solo-album in hard competition with many a fine music project. I am totally filled with joy for this. It's highly appreciated, so thank you thank you!

The music is recorded together with Mattias Pèrez on guitars and Anders Jormin on double base in October at Studio Epidemin. Petter Eriksson is our sound man.
My own compositions, my lyrics, and a wave of inspiration and musical ideas shared among the three of us. Thank you Mattias and Anders for bringing in your voices in the swirl.

We are so exited to share it all with you!
Stay tuned for more.


Mattias Pèrez at Epidemin in October.

Recording mood at Studio Epidemin in October.

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