fredag 20 januari 2012

Some days... with a little help from Marius Vilhelmsen

Some days just start very hard...and this morning I had to give up. It was not just the ordinary slow/sleepy/almost unconsiousness kid start at 6 o clock, it was actually my daughter being ill. So, I had to quickly re-arrange the whole days planning and stay at home. Had my breakfast and started work, saw the sunrise through the fogg and frost.
I missed a chance to reherse with my great band, Nordic Wedding Music. Sigh.
But I gained some more time to dig deeper into the treasure world of nordic wedding songs, the archive stuff I have collected, and the book is in a more intense phase of creation. So many wonderful songs! I'm totally mesmerised by Marius Vilhelmsen, singer from the Faroe Islands.

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