lördag 21 april 2012

Allotria top score in Irmelin food guide

Irmelin food guide visits:
Ravintola Allotria, Hämeentie 68 00550 Helsinki, phone: 050 579 1400

We have become perennials at the charming restaurant Allotria in Helsinki. We discovered this pearl on Wednesday when we performed there at Perinnearkku folk music club. After that we just kept coming back, for the most delicious food in creative combinations of tastes. Eva and Maria has tried several of the dishes in the menue, Karin stayed with her delicious salad, wich really means highest score for a salad!

With the flowers we got at todays concert, we are happy and starving after really good performance!

Mr Billy Kelly, who served us food and always being so nice to us. The staff working there has treated us in the most friendly and generous way. We've talked about Finland, Ireland, Faroe Islands, music, culture, food and all things that makes life nice. And today we had the chance to meet the chef shortly and thank him directly for the lovely food. I hope he will put his recipies in a cook book one day, hope it's written in english! The chef is from Boston, US, so that's not too far away guess.

Cucumber sorbet, salmon with rubarb sauce, delicious tastes all the time. Find the menue here: http://www.allotria.fi/?p=alacarte
Below, time for coffé and desert, this is the vanilla icecream with olive oil, made by a italian guy in town.

Karin and Maria chilling out after concert.

Shadows and light.

Below (and behind the roses): The stage where we performed on Wednesday.

Tonight we work on an application for a new Irmelin project.
Keep up the good work!

söndag 15 april 2012

Music I've heard along the road lately, don't miss:

I've heard so much stunning music this weekend, I feel I just have to share. Check out this beautiful song, written and performed by John Doyle:

The story is about the battle of Fredrickburg in the civil war in America, when Irish men stood on both sides fighting against eachother. "he could have been a friend or brother...."

John Doyle performed at Lempo, and I'm super much proud he asked me to join in as guest singer on his second performance. We sang a miners song, "Dark as a dungeon", written by Merle Travis. I love that song. John sang other miners songs too, among them was this extremely powerful version of Pound a week rise:

The festival Lempo in Kouvola has been just wonderful. The audience so warm and welcoming, the sound engineer really made a good job, the crew of the festival too, and exceptional good leadership made my Minna Raskinen. I'm so impressed she is both festival boss and had full focus performing with us in Nordic Wedding Music.

I'm back home tonight, have to quickly unpack and then pack my stuff again, to go back to Finland. Travelling is a big part of my life right now....so I appreciate so much being at home, my daughter, our dog and I. Time to recharge the batteries!


torsdag 5 april 2012

The one who have made a journey...

...have something to tell.

My 17 year journey into the nordic treasure of wedding songs in traditional music is now coming to it's conclusion. I have the aim to finish writing by the end of this month, the book with about 120 songs.

This journey has also included many lessons on a personal level, what is love? How can a person today live the dream of finding love and find long lasting relations? What is me, what is you, what is us? How do we grow and become responsible in every sense, for the actions, words, emotions we have in us. To realize this is me, and my life and my responsibility.

The songs are full of human experience, handed over from generation to generation. Some songs give endless encouragement. Some songs are full of humour. Some of the small songs are the biggest to me.
I'm burning with passion to share this treasure! Buy the book when it comes. Join the workshops where I will teach how o sing the songs.

The one who have made a journey....

...have a gala-night out in Malmö. The work of RFoD has resulted in three galas, and this year it was held in Malmö. My 5 years of being chair woman has come to an end, and I'm proud to have made this increadible journey together with the board and employees of RFoD. 5 years of intense lobbying for the whole scene, all included, music, dance, pedagogues, venues and local clubs ond so on. Networking networking!

...have the most enchanted time together making music In Ljungs church with Mats Eriksson (guitar) and George Keczan (church organ). On a spring time evening when birds gather in the last sunlight of the day.

...is happy to walk the streets of Göteborg in spring time.

...is happy to warm up in the afternoon sunlight.
Lots of love and songs from