fredag 1 mars 2013

Final steps in Irmelin CD-making

Karin, Maria and me in vocal trio Irmelin are just in the final steps of the process of making our new CD. It's a great pleasure to see it come into form. On Monday it's time to do the mastering. I'm very excited about all this. As usual it's also a bit of a labour emotionally. Will this music come out the way we dreamed about it? The stories we want to tell, will it be touching? As soon as the CD is printed it's totaly up to the listener, but at this point it's a fragile and yet strong walk of balance carrying something precious in our hands. A work with lot of heart in it. Everytime you put your naked heart into the work it's also a portion of pain to it.

In this process we are united and working together in the very best way. The Irmelin trio stands strong together! It's a joy to work with Karin and Maria, to unite with their artistry and personality. I learn so much everytime we work together!

Some pictures from this week:

Yesterday I visited a second hand store I've never been to before. Lucky me I found a dress compleetely hand made with fine knowledge in hand craft, probably from the 50th or 60th. I'm happy about the bright colour, even with out the sun shining through it's the colours of fire. Double layers of fabric. i wish I knew who made it and what parties this dress has been to before.


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