torsdag 7 mars 2013

Leo the dog, one year with us today!

Celebrating today!

Today a year ago Leo moved in with us. We are absolutely happy with his sweet personality and big heart, it's a delight to have him here.

Leo the studio-dog. Mastering Irmelin CD Monday 4th of March 2013.

Leo checking out water facilities for dogs in Basel. Autumn 2012.

Leo enjoying café-life in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Some unknown friends in the street.

Leo on the day he arrived a year ago. So tiny, only 7 month when he came!

Early picture of Leo, in March 2012.

Well, it's a lot about us growing into the role of being dog-owner. So much more we now can read Leo's signs, and he can read ours. We've learned to communicate quite well. Still learning of course.
A favourite cartoon can tell some more.....
Here's about the paradox of a dog, Rambo the dog.


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