måndag 30 september 2013

My own fires

Last weekend of September.

I went to the forest, to the north, to the place where the stars in the sky is bright clear like sparkling ice, milky way mesmerizingly visible.

My clothes and hair is full of smoke from all the fires I made.
I’ve been writing, I’ve been reading.
I walked in the forest and picked berries for the winter.

I’ve been reminded in the fullest of how much we all have to live every day with all courage we can bring about. To live our lives deeply and lovingly. One member of the village, a middle aged man, decided to end his sorrows and find his peace in death. My thoughts goes to his family. The whole village is grieving at this loss, his big heart for animals, people, nature, theater and music. His uniqueness will be gone, but live in our memories. We cannot meet him in the local food store from now on. But what we can do is to live totally and make sure that no child or anyone will be left behind. I speak for myself and I will do my best to connect to the more silent, the few-worded personalities in the future. They have so much to tell, but it takes longer time for them to start to tell. This man carried lots of knowledge and good values.

We must create a true belonging for our young ones. Aren’t we all born to be part of a belonging? Where we will be seen and respected for who we are.

I will take this highly important message with me from my weekend in the north. Also the joy of seing the milky way and the stars, the freedom of walking in the forest, making my own fire. Tomorrow it’s the first day at my new job as youth leader in a nearby church, in the suburb of Hjällbo. This will be a golden opportunity to get in touch with our young ones in my own neighborhood, in my lovely Angered-hoods in Göteborg. The job is a part time job, 50% and I will still have many fruitful music collaborations going on. Irmelin, Myst, and my choir Lei-La plus more solo appearances.


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