tisdag 3 september 2013

Dynamic work, love my work

Last week was a over dose of administrative work, wich is normal from time to time. Reports, applications, making half year book-work of economy, buying a printer, restoring my broken Sibelius-program.

For the broken Sibelius-program (writing music scores on the computer) successful restoring I owe my thanks to computer wizard Pär Johansson! Feels great to have Sibelius again! I made all music notations for my book Bröllopssånger och Kärleksvisor in Sibelius, and soon after giving away all my material for the making of the book, this Sibelius-program broke down completely. Exhausted program maybe?

So this week starts totally different. To balance up I've made yoga, been singing, prepared for my lovely choir Lei-La tonight. I go out in the sun light and sing for myself, the birds, insects, plants and trees around me.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon walking 3 hours in the forest, in sunshine on magic path systems leading up to a small remote lake. Two women and three dogs having the most lovely time in the fresh air. And this is for free! It's there for us to enjoy.

Today started just great as well. In the morning I had a good time making music with Sara, preparing some ideas of music for Myst.
I also got a phone call wich was very inspiring, on the subject "The mysteries of human voice".

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