lördag 30 november 2013

Grand mothers

Grandmothers mother. Hello to you!
Your ginger breads are the best!
So I finally made it doing my grandmother quest.

This day started at the local second hand,
and looking at what I found it's a lot about honouring the grand mothers.

I returned home with a few treasures. A fine woven handcrafted rug, with carefully choosen patterns named rose walk.
Walk on roses, rose way.

My heart beats for this type of recylcled fabric rugs.
Like a story of life
they tell about how one handcrafter has transformed clothes and other textile stuff into a piece of art.
Maybe the dress was once the must have item,
the dress to wear for a special occasion,
a dance,
a date?

When clothes were worn out they could become material for making this type of rug.


Another finding today was the little hand-bag suitable for moomin mama.
Decorated with roses.

Because it's advent I wanted to make our windows. Cleaning and all.
They have been neglected for a while I might say,
a creative woman can't have a perfect home.
Now I felt it was just right time to have a clear view. It's all about having a clear view in life.
No dirt shading the outlook.
I pray I will be given clear sight in these days.

My grand mother Agnes was a top of the line window cleaner. I mean, it was part of her vision of the home, not her profession. More of a passion.
Her skin was the softest by all compare, when I think of soft skin I always think of her skin.
Her hands, her cheeks.
She used a hand creme in a green tube, shaped like the tooth paste tube. I remember the fragrances of this hand creme, and it was transparent, not white. Like a gel. It gave me a feeling of coolness on my skin when I tried it.
Trousers and a blouse was what she was wearing most of the time. And curls in her short grey hair.

In my family on grand mother's side we have a recipie for ginger bread wich is one of the best on the christmas cake parties.
Ceremonial cake parties.
In the afternoon today we made this special ginger bread and I can assure it smells good in the kitchen. The recipie is after my grandmothers mother. Hanna Karlsson, born 1890.

Grandmothers mother. Hello to you!
Your ginger breads are the best!

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