fredag 17 januari 2014

The lady with the hawk eyes....

...has recieved all my tax papers for 2013 today. It's such a relief to hand it over. She knows my business since many years now.

This releases all energy to focus on Myst rehearsing  upcoming days. Tomorrow I'll meet the band, plus composer Roger Johansson. Number four out of four workshops we do together in our own incubator for new music. It's all about co-creation and stepping outside ones comfort zone.
Bring out the forces!

Wall in Switzerland.
Yes please, give me clear sight.

For to celebrate myself in this moment when the tide turn (...and the sea calls out once more) I bought myself a pair of leather boots at the Noa Noa shop. Irmelin has a Noa Noa fling since many years, we often chooses to have that danish design outfits when we perform. Now I can walk on with really nice new boots.

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