måndag 6 januari 2014

Gone wild. A night of the folly

Rain and more rain. A very warm night for the season.
But no rain will stop the star from going from house to house and knock the door. Stomping the grounds of Hönö Island. May we come in and sing the star-song?

Money was collected for charity. This year for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and the Cancer Research Foundation.

Judas, wise man and King Herodes just before going out.

One of my fellow carachters, "the star", told me she will keep on doing this as long as she can. -"Because when you go out in the night in masquerade and disguised, it's a feeling we are the only ones that exist in the whole world."

With roots in middel age traditions.
Happening when the nights are the darkest.

Judas and Mörjeland's King.

We formed four bands of the Star. 7-8 people in each band. Seems to be a word-of-mouth organized thing, who is coming and joining. Each band walk in different neighbourhoods on the island.

Dressing up. Preparing in the afternoon.

Being someone else for a nigth. Taking on a compleete other personality. My role was to be a wise man of the East.

At midnight we gathered after performing in 20-25 houses/band and shared a hot meal. Home made Jansons has never tasted better! Also sharing some really funny stories of the nights experiences.

After we took our masks & costumes off and washed away the thick layers of make up, I couldn't recognize the people I've spend the whole afternoon + night with. When I saw the boots I could tell who it was.

The star.

Now it's the day after. I'm writing and thinking back on a fantastic night out on the wild island. Happily I will go out tonight again but now it's the folly of the dance floor.


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