söndag 29 december 2013

Way faring stranger coming home

It was absolutely crowded, almost three people on every two chairs and people standing inside and outside the venue of Gamla Elverket in Falun. Someone said it was the highest number ever in the crowd.
It was a very special manifestation of music, poetry, spoken word that all centered in one person. Tommy Johansson.
Yesterday night was his farewell concert.

I think everyone on stage and in the crowd has a reason to give deepest thanks to Tommy for his determination to stand up for the creative, the misfits, the entrepreneurs, the weak, the abandoned kids in our society. He's been part of giving a room for everyone to work through culture a way out from drugs or loneliness. The open arms at Gamla Elverket, the atmosphere there, is in one way or another part of Tommys work with this place. Of course many other great people are co-creators with Tommy and keep on doing this very special work in Falun.

When culture change the world.

Now it's time for carry his torch further, without him. He's got short time left to live, he's seriously ill.

Nevertheless Tommy was up on stage yesterday, singing his own songs, adding the words "to come home". Courageusly giving us a full speach on his situation, his dreams for Gamla Elverket, his love for life and his dear ones, his fear to die and also his acceptance and peace to let go. He will look forward to play music again with his friends who has gone before him.
The whole room was electrified with emotions in this moment, you could reach out with your hand and touch that strong love that was shared.

You are already young.

On stage there was a great number of musicias who all paid their homage to Tommy. Among others we heard Stina Berge, David Tallroth, Jennifer Fergusson, Pierre Swärd, Pelle Lindström, The Tallest Man on Earth, Idiot Wind.

The Tallest Man on Earth & Idiot Wind

Gamla Elverket take part in an art-project, Before I die. Several notes where placed on the walls.

My thoughts today goes to Tommy and his family. Thank you for this great reminder again and again that we have to live our lives fully and at our best as long as we are here.


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