torsdag 19 december 2013

Up in my head

The last few days I've had my share of catching a cold. We all have to go that road sometimes.
It gave me a welcome break to stop for a while and reflect, slow down, make minimum effort.

Dog has to be walked, and that's about how much I get out in a day. But when Göteborg weather looks like this it's very short walks and the dog runs back home again.

I've spend some time listening to music. Found this favourite again. Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I love her guitar solo at about 1.40 in to the clip.

My brain has always been spinning a lot. That's the way it goes, I'm creative that way. Voices talking all the time up in my head.
I've just turned a little bit to a different direction, and it makes me vital in a good way.

Instead of figure it out - live it out.

The words come from Chase Iron Eyes. Thanks a lot for sharing this perspective. It takes some time to really let it sink in. But I'm working on it.
Chase Iron Eyes is doing great work to put an end to the stealing of children from his community, listen to him here:

Greetings on the day before winter solstice.

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