söndag 15 december 2013

Involving every guest in the room

Advent calendar #15
Tell a friend how much you appreciate him or her.

Yesterday evening was one of a kind.
After some bus adventures in rain and darkness we headed out on the ferry to the islands outside Göteborg. We finally got to the atelier/gallery where this evening's party was going to take place. A fire basket welcomed us, and already in the garden I knew here is a place for diverse creativity.
The sweet couple Lena and Mats, artist and musician, invited friends for a christmas singing evening. Gunnar Eriksson is among their friends for years and years, so they asked him to bring along some of his singers and musicians who could guide through an improvised free happening of old songs, new experiences. It was not a christmas concert as we know it since before.
Anders Jormin on double base was there too, what pure joy to hear him improvise and add his musical colors to all the voices. He's professeur in jazz in both in Göteborg University and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Outstanding musician touring the world.
I was asked to come with and I felt I could not miss out this new approach to making christmas music. High expectations but it turned out even more fun and unpredictable.

This was an evening when we sang for eachother and with eachother, weaving music, having no sheets of music, just singing from the heart. Gunnar inventing new patterns in music instantly, and involving every guest in the room.

Nice food and wine, many a good story and laughter. Storytelling at it's sweet form developed among local jazz musicians, and Gunnar's many anecdotes from his travelling.

After midnight my friend Gabriella and me danced lindy hop to live music. I had brought my dance shoes, you never know when the opportunity comes.


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