lördag 7 december 2013

A musicians guide to coffé in town and out door

Advent Calendar #7
Have some gingerbread. There's a quote that says "eating gingerbread makes you kind."

Coffée was plenty today.
Coffé in the morning with a dear friend who is one of my muses, sometimes appearing with messages in night dreams.
Coffé at work with Myst during intense workshop with composer Roger Johansson.
Coffe at lunch break with Myst.
Coffé after work with Myst going out in the dark December evening in Göteborg city.

This evening I went to the yearly christmas concert my daughters school's music classes give. I totally give in to all the beautiful voices, young voices, their tenderness that grown up choirs might lack, the choice of some of the finest traditional christmas songs. This starts to be a very important tradition to go to their christmas concert in Johannebergs church.

Nothing compares to having coffé outdoor.
If you want to know how a Sami Coffé pro, Anne Wuolab, is preparing coffé, have a look at this: Nordic coffee culture

Sharing with you some sami fashion from Norway, redesign by Charlotte Nilsen.

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