tisdag 3 december 2013

Living room song circle with Lei-La

One of the finest things I know is to have a choir.
People who come for the reason to sing together,
for each other,
for one self.
And tonight it was back to the way how it all started,
living room song circle.

Many years ago I had a kind of open house on certain Saturdays, in my own home, when anyone could come and join and sing. It was a bit underground informal, some people knew me from earlier workshops and word spread from mouth to ear.

For now my apartment is a bit too small for hosting the whole choir Lei-La. We are so lucky we've been invited to sing in the house where Tommy and Kerstin lives, a house on the hill near the forest.

Since we don't do much eating when we have the regular choir rehearsals we had an agreement to do this even more tonight. A wonderful potluck party, in the way only choirs can create.
Eating, singing,
eating more,
singing more.

If you would happen to be interested in joining our choir we are accepting new members in January.
You can just contact me and I'll give you the info.

Advent calendar:
#3 Know when it's time to give up and happily lay down on the sofa.


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