söndag 22 december 2013

To eco-nomy from ego-nomy

Advent calendar #22
Write a short poem of three lines.

In this time of the year it's obvious that commersialism is a problem to many of us. The way we consume, buy and try to fill our lives with stuff. And a majority on our earth have just no possibility to take part in this, the question of poverty is a painful reality.

The child birth in Betlehem wich started our Chistmas history is somehow forgotten. How this child was born into poverty, and had to flee to Egypt  just a couple of weeks old with his young parents. To escape threat of life. This is what the story tells, if you believe it or not.

I love Christmas-time, I'm lucky to have a good history of how to gather in the family, open the doors for friends around us who maybe don't have a family to go to. I've spend Christmas in many different ways, in foreign countries, in big gatherings of friends, in smaller family settings. I feel I'm ready to have one more type of Christmas. Tell you later.

Then I came across this little excellent film on sacred economy. As another voice in the ongoing debate.

If you might think that new ecnomy systems have support from small groups of die hard fans, then take a look at the Idle No More movement, who proudly carry indigenous way of caring and sharing, respecting Mother Earth and maintain life in a beautiful way.
Women hand drummers called to the front. Idle No More 1 year anniversary
I love theese pictures!


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