tisdag 24 december 2013

Singing and dancing the night away

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas filled with love and caring for each other.

One of my favourites, Es ist ein ros entsprungen. Somehow I do enjoy the street life outfits they have while singing so angelic.

Christmas eve is The big Christmas celebration in Sweden. Now this is a christmas when my daughter goes to her dad and his family I've got the perfect opportunity to be part in an open alternative christmas party. Food is donated by two restaurants, there will be music and gifts for the kids, and everyone is welcome. All this revelry happens in the church of Hjällbo where I work part time. Soon time to go there.

Christmas started yesterday for me at the local danc club. I have tired legs today after dancing the night away. Lindy hop and balboa, you rock!

Swing DJ Gasper Hrovat is spinning the discs for us.

Love from Eva

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