lördag 13 oktober 2012

Irmelin recording week is compleeted

Petter and Maria talking in the control room.

Nice sound!

On top the roofs of Göteborg.

Sun flower shining after nights of frost.

Last day, going through all music we recorded in 5 days.
Yay! Saturday morning, I'm having a weekend with my daugther and our friends. Need to contemplate a bit of all the work we achieved this week in the studio. I stood up early, daughter and dog still sleeping. I feel at peace with things, and yet, it's been a rollercoaster sometimes with the intense work in the studio. Just three voices, I thought I knew, it's so unbearable sensitive, naked, no guard. And also powerful, strong! It's a long time ago since I felt so empty, like I've squeezed every bit out of me.

It will be a beautiful day with friends, a special day! I'm so thankful I have friends who accept me even if I'm buried in a studio (or on tour) for a week, neglecting to take phone calls, not answering emails or sms.

I'm very thankful for the week we just had. Thank you Maria, Karin, Petter! It's been wonderful to work with you! Looking forward now to see you again for the mixing of the songs. And I'm so much looking forward to release the cd to all our listeners, oh, that's a thrill!


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