fredag 31 oktober 2014

Further and beyond at Studio Epidemin

Dear music family!!!

Deeply thankful for luminous musicbuilding at Studio Epidemin the last three days.
Mission compleeted!
I'm so exited to unfold my songs to new horizons with Mattias Pèrez and Anders Jormin!
Sound engineer Petter Ericsson has pushed us with his groovy sense of humor.

I'm truly blessed with the finest musicians around me!
For their amazing help and ideas adding on to mine. 
Putting my songs in the hands of two gentlemen, two souls full of never ending music.
Guitar wizard and yoda of the double base.
I could never have imagined the music that has emerged during the past three days. Even if preparation time was well done and heart opening, one can never predict what's going to happen in the studio when three music universes collide.
In the moment.

The muses has been watching over us as we've embarked on this journey together.

I am happy tired over the edge.


Petter Ericsson & Mattias Pèrez

"I think we have all had the experience of losing ourselves in music.
Where you are just taken away into the sound.
And then where are you?
Where are ‘YOU?’
When you’re not there, that IS ultimate reality.
It’s so beautiful; it’s all around us all the time, it’s available to us all the time."

— Lama Marut

Anders Jormin.

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