onsdag 5 september 2012

Premier bike-trip of the year

A little late maybe....to start bike season today 5th of September.
I just had to prioritate lots of other things all spring and summer. Life is taking new turns, music take a lot of time, we had a little dog moving in our home, a book has been written and created. So, it feels much better to give my energy to the bike now when there's space again. Oh, my bike is humble in needs of time, but anyhow, everything has it's time to get started.

This time a brand new battery was required. The old battery had done it's last trip. Yesterday I brought Leo with me to go and buy a battery at Kenneth's MC. Lucky surprice they have a dog in the shop/mechanic, Tim, a French Bulldog. Leo and Tim made friends, even if Leo was behaving a bit teenage-dog-like. Tim had great patience with Leo's youngster spirit.

This morning the new battery was put back into place, and on the fourth try the engine started. I have made a smaller trip and it feels great to drive the bike again!


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